Thursday, August 15, 2013

Moving is a Pain in My Arse.

Guys I was going to do a nice, long wedding recap for you. But it just isn’t going to happen today. We are still furiously packing in anticipation of the movers arriving early tomorrow morning. We get the keys to Chez Knit today and will start taking some loads over.

And yes, I am calling the new place Chez Knit now because technically I am sitting, at the moment, in someone else’s house. We did a “simultaneous closing” on both properties on Tuesday and in the process denuded a small forest with all the paperwork that had to be signed. Heaven forbid that you could do any of that electronically and save a rain forest.

Hopefully, and I do write that with some trepidation, we will have cable and internet on Saturday morning. Time Warner Cable is “scheduled” to show up at Chez Knit at 8am. GUys we will have CABLE!! And right now I can see KnitSib Erica just shaking her head and telling me that it isn’t going to happen.

You should HEAR about the constant battle she has going with TWC. Holy moly!!

But I digress.

Can I just say that this whole “packing up my house the week that I move” is like to kill me. And it has shown me that even though I have been cleaning out and giving away for three years now……

I just have too much freakin’ stuff!!! At one point yesterday I seriously contemplated just taking it ALL to AM Vets. And there is NO WAY that I would have made it through packing all the china without the help of packer extraordinaire Kim.

There is a very long and rant like blog post coming on this.

But not today.

Today I will just tell you that the wedding was beautiful. The sun came out. And I think everyone had a good time or so they said. Look for a longer post next week.

2013-08-09 18.19.45_edited-1

Taken with my iPhone because Erica threatened me with confiscation of equipment if I brought along Big Bertha.

Now back to packing.

And there will not be a 7 Quick Takes tomorrow as the computer will be packed up by late this afternoon.


  1. My arse is also pained by moving, literally & figuratively. My son & I have just driven 1700 miles in 2 days to move him into his new home, and are now in the throes of cleaning, cable hookups, furniture deliveries, etc. Luckily for us and our sanity, we did not host a wedding the week before moving. Wishing you a very smooth move, complete with cable!

  2. We look forward to hearing from you in a few days!

  3. You can do this move - you are super woman - you run around with knitting needles in your hands! You are the glue of the household and it would fall apart without you!

    The wedding looks lovely. And by the way, I am now officially addicted to Downton Abbey because of you. I got Amazon Prime and started watching and am now metering viewing to try to make it last until January and season 4.

  4. Excuse me? You were allowed to use Big Bertha during the "party" part of the reception but YOU chose not to!
    And not sure why I'd want to confiscate Canon equipment anyway....unless it was to sell to get things for my real camera. ;-)

    PS - if TWC doesn't show during the scheduled time slot, call and ask for a $20 credit. About the only credit they'll give without arguing with you that lack of service isn't worth compensation for your time spent trying to get them to resolve it.

    1. You know you secretly want to be a Canon girl.

    2. You must be sniffing cleaning supplies!

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