Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shoe Queen and Slim Jim Get Married

Oh goodness, I meant to write this earlier in life. But then that pesky move got in the way. But it is now almost three weeks post celebration orgy and I think I had better let all of you see what an absolute blast we had that day.

We worried a bit about the weather. You see, the wedding ceremony was scheduled to be outside. I KNOW!! We are wild and crazy people who raise our fists at the sky and exclaim…

DO YOUR WORST! It’s August and there won’t be any rain.

{{{Insert Dope Slap Here}}}

And for a time I thought that the sky and the weather might actually win. It rained on Wednesday. It rained, a lot, on Thursday. The ground where chairs were going to be set up and where the bridal party would need to stand was, shall we say, damp. And when I say damp what I really mean was that when you stepped on it the water welled up around your shoes like the crude that Jed Clampett found in the Beverly Hillbillies. We were worried. And even on the morning of the big day, when we had to go over to the venue early in the day to drop things off and set up some flowers….it was misting. But Ken, the owner of the venue, assured me that if we could get a bit of sun then the ground would dry and all would be well.

By noon the sun was out and the grass was drying off and we were on countdown for a 6p ceremony. Well, almost.  There were some minor glitches. When the DJ’s came to set up at 3:30p they couldn’t get into the venue even though I had been told (by the owner) that they could. And we couldn’t get in either to do some last minute set up. But Rebecca, my “worry woman” (wedding coordinator) took control of all of that and I didn’t have to worry and Shoe Queen didn’t have to worry. There was supposed to be electricity at the gazebo where the DJ’s needed to set up for ceremony music….but it wasn’t working. So Dan and Tony (our AMAZING DJ’s) improvised with strung together extension cords…which at least one bridesmaid tripped over.


Can I just say, as an aside, that one of the BEST BEST BEST BEST things that we did was to hire a day coordinator for the wedding.


Becca’s mom is an old and very dear friend who for many years was a wedding coordinator so I knew that Becca would know her stuff. And she did. If it was a problem that needed to be handled on that day or something that needed to be done I handed it to her.

You know what. I am just going to show you pictures. And for the most part I didn’t take ANY of these. Photos started showing up in my email about 8 hours after the ceremony. And in recent days Photographer Erica (from Three Knit Sibs Photography) has been teasing me with photos.

OK, I made up that name but really that is what we are, Three Knit Sibs Photography.

Back on track Deb.

Here is what we did that day.

2013-08-09 15.37.01

I got to spend some time with someone of my favorite daughters. I miss seeing them. Please ignore my ever present double chin.

2013-08-09 17.36.062013-08-09 17.46.45

The MOB and MOG were equally smart on this occasion and wore comfortable footwear. In other respects I suspect she is smart than I as she has a Master’s degree and a Doctorate, is going for another Master’s degree and is a college professor.

And we all know what I am….I think.

2013-08-09 15.56.08

TNG came out from NYC to meet all of us and hang around with Cartoon Girl. Aren’t they cute!!

2013-08-09 16.17.392013-08-09 16.20.10

2013-08-09 16.17.14

Everyone stood around at a distance and watched “The Big Reveal”. I can hardly wait to see those pictures!!

2013-08-09 17.32.352013-08-09 17.49.552013-08-09 17.59.01

There was some last minute hanging around and waiting. A time of prayer. And then it was ON!

Deb and BethThe Three Little QuiggsDottie 10Dottie 11Dottie 12Dottie 2photoDottie 3Dottie 5Dottie 4BubblesDan and BethBeth and Jim Thank YouUnexpected MomentsWedding rings

You can be assured that we danced the night away. The wedding was a reflection of Shoe Queen and Slim Jim. Simple, full of humor, perfect.

And you can also be assured that when the pictures from Three Knit Sibs are ready then I will do another post. I can hardly wait to see the photos.


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