Thursday, August 30, 2012

What the HECK is THAT!?!

Oh the garden. The never ending interest of the garden.


There are Stick Bug behinds. I thought this was it’s face at first but I believe now that it is the other end.


There are these nasty little buggers.


Look, Mama Lady bug. Or is it Papa Lady bug. How can you tell the difference?


Lady Bugs? Are they good to eat? Can I have one?

But what on earth is this bug?


I was walking through the garden, having spent several hours weeding the paths and just neatening things up because, you know, I am all about the neat and tidy around here. I almost walked past the thing without even noticing that it was there. I caught a flash of blue out of the corner of my eye that just didn’t seem like it should be there and……


There he was, waving his creepy little antennae at me. Getting’ all up in my face with his bugginess and talkin’ trash.

I have no clue what this beetle is. I zoomed in and decided to let the internet tell me but the internet she has failed me. All I can find are strange references to The Blue Beetle.


This is not the beetle I was looking for.

IMG_9435A - CopyIMG_9438 - Copy

I went back out with camera in hand and snapped a bunch of pictures. Stepped away to put the lens cap back on and when I looked back…….

He was gone.

Or she was gone.

Oh blue beetle our time together was so brief.

And if you are eating anything in the garden you had better know that I am going to find you and pound you into oblivion.

Just so that you know.

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