Monday, August 27, 2012


It was a lovely weekend. Bright and sunny. Warm during the day and cool at night. Just the way a late summer weekend should be. And the rain didn’t arrive until this morning. Mondays should always be rainy in my humble opinion.

Worked in the yard on Saturday beating the weed problem into a semblance of submission. Went out for a leisurely dinner with LaurenLeep and The Tech Guy where we ate WAY too may salty things. I mean who could resist a place where you can order house made potato chips doused in the most amazing Blue Cheese sauce. We asked for more sauce. I thought about just eating it with a spoon but settled for dipping my French Fries in it.

Yes, I had homemade potato chips AND French fries all at one meal. Don’t judge me.

And then yesterday afternoon The Tech Guy and LL brought over this…….


They had been using this bad boy for two days, splitting wood from the bazillion trees that they had taken down this Spring. We had one trees worth of wood to split. Remember this little incident? We had intended to have a neighbor boy split the wood last year but it just didn’t work out. It has been sitting in the woods, cut into lengths but not split.

So we all got to work. I supervised because there always needs to be a supervisor. And because it was also my job to pick up the split wood after they had tossed it viciously at me into a pile. Work was proceeding steadily. Load, pull the lever, split, split again, chuck the wood at Debbie, repeat.

And none of us noticed that when HHBL tossed a piece of wood errantly, landing it on the pile of brush at the side, we disturbed something.

We made something angry.

Very angry.


Now I understand why there are so many bees that are hanging around on my hummingbird feeders.

Yes, what we didn’t know was that about 3 feet from the log splitter, buried under a small pile of brush and leaves was a lovely nest of ground bees. We didn’t know it until…..

I got stung.

I am working away, minding my own business and trying not to get hit by flying pieces of wood when…

Hey, what’s that under the edge of my shirt on my shoulder.


I am sorry, I said a bad word multiple times. And if you don’t believe me then ask HHBL because he heard me. And then he saw me as I grabbed at the top of my shoulder and danced around, hitting at my shoulder, pulling at my braid, trying to make sure that whatever it was that had viciously attacked me wasn’t still there.

I had forgotten how badly a bee sting hurts. And just about the time that TTG and LL had figured out I wasn’t working LL grabs her ankle because she had been attacked as well.

Is it because we are so sweet?

And then we realized that there were bees, angry bees, hovering around the pile of brush. It looked like O’Hare Airport on a Friday afternoon.

Work stopped. Ice packs were applied. Wine was drunk on the deck. Well LL and I needed some anesthetization after all!

And then I went out and sprayed that nest into oblivion.

DIE BEES! DIE!!!!!!!!!


But we do have a nice pile of wood for Winter fires waiting to be stacked.


  1. And of course you also remember the episode of your father trying to move the sandbox in Indianapolis, and the swarm of ground bees that flew up the pants of his Levis? Doubtless you learned the "s**t" word from me at that time.

    1. Oh yes. That is a lasting memory from my childhood.


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