Monday, August 13, 2012

My Produce Runneth Over

It is that time of the year. The time of year when all the work and time that LaurenLeap and I have put in at the garden begins to pay off in a big way.


My produce begins to runneth over. And this picture doesn’t even cover all of it. There is a pound of freshly picked green beans sitting in the frig just waiting to be processed.


Obviously there are tomatoes. Many, many tomatoes. And there are a boatload of tomatoes that are almost, but not quite, ready to be harvested. Last year was such a bad year for tomatoes that I may have forgotten how many tomatoes can be produced by a few plants.

There will be BLT’s for dinner this week again.



Garlic, literally fresh from the garden. This is only half of the harvest. And oh does it smell good.


A few more red onions. I took the first part of the harvest and made them into Sweet and Sour Pickled Red Onions. Oh they are amazing. I put them on sub sandwiches last night and I was transported into rapturous delight.

Or it might have been the concert at Blossom, with the music of John Williams surrounding us.

Oh whatever.


More cucumbers with a masquerading zucchini. And there might be another cuke or two hanging somewhere in the frig.


The beets that we harvested this morning have already been roasted and are just now cooling so that I can slip their skins off and snack on them. Oh how I love beets. And there are more beets to be harvested…..

And I might have planted another square of them today. They only need 55 days to maturity so we should be golden.

The siren song of beets. I am unable to resist. And since HHBL wouldn’t touch these with a 30 foot pole they are mine.

All mine!!


And finally the basil. We cut it back this morning and divided it up. Oh the aroma that is filling the kitchen is enough to make me drool all over my rather dirty floor.

Can anyone say pesto?

Oh and there is also a lovely cabbage. But we didn’t grow it. Our across the garden aisle neighbor, Rick, asked if we wanted one and, well, I am afraid that I didn’t really even give it a seemly amount of time before I said Yes. Thank you very much. I certainly would.

But LaurenLeap knows that I will share it with her. What do HHBL and I need with an entire cabbage. My colon might not be able to take it.


OH well, we all know that I am an open book.


  1. I learned a new phrase last week that fits perfectly: TOTES JELLY. You probably already know what that means, but just in case, it's "totally jealous."

  2. Great harvest! Makes it so worth all the work, doesn't it?!


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