Friday, August 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol 177)


Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’….into the future.

Sorry, I don’t know what came over me. Channeling my inner 1970s perhaps. You know the deal. After you have dug deep into the blather be sure that you click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of Usain Bolt’s golden shod feet, over to Conversion Diary.

3….2….1…. BLATHER!

I am still working to perfect the homemade yogurt process. Right now I am about 50/50 on getting the consistency correct. Homemade yogurt is a bit more runny than the stuff that you buy in the store because my product doesn’t have any of the thickeners in it that the commercial stuff does.


This last batch was a bit more runny than I would really like. But practice makes perfect so I will continue to make it….

Because it tastes SO MUCH better.

As we all know…..


I am obsessed by feed the hummingbirds. And when you have hummingbirds you also have the possibility that they will fly into the garage. And when they do you have a problem. They just have no idea how to get out of the garage.

Can you tell that we had a hummingbird fly into and get caught in the garage this week. We did. That poor little thing just twittered and flew and twittered and flew. She would then get tired and rest for a bit. Then the whole cycle would start over again.

The last time that happened I rounded up a butterfly net and then spent an hour netting the poor thing. It was traumatic for both of us. I didn’t want to do that again.

Enter the fabulous internet where you can find an answer to everything. The internet told me to take one of my hummingbird feeders and hang it right outside the garage door, then leave the area. The hummer will go to the feeder to feed and then, hopefully, go outside and freedom.

So I did….and she did….and all was well with the world again.


Our first melon of the season. LaurenLeep and I split it right down the middle and it was…..


I am working daily on my “scan all my pictures” project. But the problem is that I really don’t want to scan EVERY old picture that I have. My basic instinct is to just scan them all but really, what do I need with this picture…..


These are some of the slums that were on the hills above Caracas, Venezuela in 1985. Believe me this is not the only picture of these that I have. It was taken on our honeymoon.

Do I really need to scan these pictures?

Most likely not.

If you are newly engaged be glad that you live in 2012 and not 1984, especially if you are going to have engagement pictures taken. If you were newly engaged in 1984 and had pictures taken to memorialize the time you might get something like this…….


Be very, very glad.

I am completely and totally addicted to audiobooks that I can download from the library. Sometimes I have to download to the desktop and then transfer. And sometimes I can just download straight to Dahling (the ipod) but I always have one that I am listening to. It certainly helps me stay focused on doing other things around the house.

However, I cannot listen to them when I have to write. But other than that I am always listening to an audiobook. Right now I am working my way through the “In Death” series by J. D. Robb. Rather gritty but so, so good. But I have to intersperse them with something uplifting.

Oh audiobooks I love you so. It almost makes me re-think going back to my old Audible account.

One of these days when the budget isn’t so tight perhaps I will.

Every time I go to the library I always tell myself that I am ONLY going to return books…..and every single time I come back with another book bag full of books that I just have to read. It isn’t like I don’t have books at home that I haven’t read yet, both traditional and ebook.

But I cannot resist the siren song of library books. The smell of them. The feel of them. The knowledge that there are books that I haven’t read yet and that I am just going to love.

I cannot resist. I will not resist.

Resistance is futile.

Assimilate me!


  1. Amen to #7. I am absolutely the same way!

    Are you friended with my mom on facebook? The only yogurt she has at home is the stuff she makes. She can give you any help you need. She's the yogurt queen.

  2. Quite some time ago I began a photo scanning project. Got a couple thousand in, and ran out of steam, but I keep promising myself I'm going to get back to it. But, like you, I have those pictures I probably don't need to save for eternity. But part of me thinks it would take longer to sort them all than to just scan them and be done with it. Oh, the decisions. I really need to get back to it.

    1. Cheri- I have a system now for how I sort the pictures. A long time ago I had sorted all my pictures by year so it goes fairly quickly. But it is still a daunting task.


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