Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Rambling Tuesday List

I have so much to do today. I have to continue with the never ending gardening here at Chez Knit. There is laundry to do. Of course there is Olympic coverage to cover.

And so that means that I have to sit here and compose a meaningless rambling list made up of disparate parts.

It is how I role. And even as I am writing it I am thinking…

You idiot! You will not have anything to write about on Friday for 7 Quick Takes. Your life isn’t that exciting you know.


1. The sunlight looks like we have turned the corner and are speeding towards Fall. It just feels like it. And since it is now August then I would guess my inner “seasonal spidey sense” is right on target. Isn’t it fascinating where my brain takes me.

2. Have you come across Texts From Dog. Oh my word I just spent 30 minutes reading and laughing. I mean serious laughing. Laughing until I cried laughing. Max the Magnificent had to come and check on me to make sure he didn’t have to perform some sort of doggy mild meld intervention.

Or he just wanted to go out.

3. HHBL and I saw “The Dark Knight Rises” on Saturday. That then necessitated a long and entirely nerdcentric phone conversation with Cartoon Girl so that we could thoroughly dissect all aspects of the film. And juxtapose DKR with the other films in the trilogy. And talk about the inner means of certain aspects of the film…….Yeah we are nerds And one day we are going to do a film podcast. Cuz, you know, neither of us has ANYTHING else to do and we feel that everyone wants to hear what we have to say about movies.

4. I am again attempting to whittle down the massive list of blogs that I read. Or don’t read. My bloated blog roll is just another symptom of my constant battle against collecting and hoarding. You can over-collect things that don’t have weight and substance but that still take up time and space in your life.

5. HHBL and I used to drink lite beer. And then….then….we saw the light and wisdom and yumminess that is craft brewed beer. Stuff that has weight and substance and actually tastes like beer. Oh the joy of Great Lakes Oktoberfest (which happens to be in stores at the moment).

I will never go back. You can’t make me!

6. I am feeling a bit burned out on the Olympics. And I am really tired of the talking heads.

7. You know what bites about adulthood? I feel like I have to justify any time that I spend reading.

I hate that.

8. We are grape snobs here at Chez Knit. Yes, grape snobs. If the grapes aren’t firm and sweet then we won’t eat them.

You know, that last phrase sounded slightly pornographic…..never mind.

Yes produce manager at Giant Eagle I AM opening the bag and sampling the grapes. In fact that is why I have taken to buying my grapes at my local Heinens. They KNOW that we all test the grapes before we buy them. So they just put out a big basket of the grapes for us to test.

Thank you Heinens.

9. I detest Cream Soda. I just thought you would like to know.

10. Sliced cucumbers and onions in a vinegar and sugar dressing just screams SUMMER! to me.

11. I have come to realize that my “to do” list will never, ever get “too done”. So I am going with a “good enough” policy and not worry too much about it.

12. We had no power on Sunday morning. I had to go to the bathroom. When we have no power we have no water. No water means no flushing the toilet. And I really had to go. So I had to go out to the edge of the yard to “do my business”.

There are lots of scary noises in the woods at night. 


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  1. Thanks so much for Texts from Dog - oh, yes, too darned funny!! After reading there, the thought of you "doing your business" outside creates an entirely different picture. Maybe you should drink less beer? No, I am wrong, don't give up the beer - winter is coming and the really good beers aged in whiskey barrels will be ready!


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