Friday, August 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol 179)


Here we are again, poised on the cusp of another dose of blather. Oh how the time doth fly. Remember, when you are done processing and preserving the blather gathered here you need to click on the picture above. If you do that you will be whisked, at the speed of Lance Armstrong’s disappearing titles, over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else has been doing this week.

Born to knit. Forced to blather.

I was going to post pictures about how to make my Salsa!……..but I didn’t take any.

It really is a messy process. And cameras don’t like mess.


And we have already seen how messy the kitchen was after the cooking orgy.

So instead I will just give you the recipe. LaurenLeep made a batch yesterday and she will attest to the fact that it is fabulous.


Now go out and buy a truck load of tomatoes and make some. You know you want to.

I must not buy un-needed school supplies….

I must not buy un-needed school supplies……

I must not buy un-needed school supplies…..

It is just that this time of year I have the overwhelming urge to stock up on pens and 3x5 notecards, post-it notes and paper. I have more pens than I will ever use. My supply of notecards is full and I will never run out of post-it notes.

And yet the urge is overwhelming.

Help me.

The great photo scanning project continues.

The Fam

Family photos can often be a painful thing in later years. Someone explain to me what statement I was trying to make with that particular violently purple outfit?

Because the garden is so prolific at the moment and it is harvest time in general my weeks seems to have been filled with freezing various things.

-2 dozen ears of corn blanched, cut from the cob and frozen.
-several more bags of green beans.
-sliced beets from the garden: I never really thought about freezing them but evidently you can and so I have. They are all mine as HHBL doesn’t eat them.
- a bunch of very ripe bananas that I purchased for about .20/pound. We are set for banana bread for the next year.
- 8 pints of Salsa!
- 5 quarts of spaghetti sauce.

I am tired just reading that list. And there are loads more tomatoes and beets. Next up I think I will try my hand at pizza sauce and tomato soup.

I rarely if ever watch TV during the day. But I do listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Lots of podcasts. And I always downloaded them through iTunes, which really was a pain to be honest. iTunes is good for a great many things but podcasts aren’t really one of them.

And then I found Downcast.

If you listen to podcasts and you have an iphone, ipad or ipod touch then get this app. It is so much easier to run podcasts through. And the thing I really like is that all Downcast does is deal with my podcasts. I don’t have to lose my place in my audiobook in order to listen to my podcasts.

And it is very easy to search for new podcasts to try.

I love apps that work well and fulfill a need. Yes, I actually paid for an app, $1.99, but it was worth all 199 pennies.

And no, this isn’t a paid advertisement for Downcast. I just love it.

I am stuck for a #6. Please tell me something that I did this week that will be humorous and make people want to come back the rest of the week. Something that is interesting and pithy and unusual.



Rats. I lead a very boring life.

And to end the week. This is one of the best Movie Trailer Marriage Proposal ever. Enjoy. I am such a sucker for these things.

At about 2:33 you can see that she gets what is happening.

And here is the story in full.

Love. It.

And just as an aside. When I find one of these videos it leads me to more videos and then more and then more and then I don’t get anything done for the rest of the day.



  1. Yes indeed, Deb's salsa is FABULOUS! As she describes it, salsa crack. (Not that either of us know anything about that!) You simply can't stop eating it. I kept dipping into it. My daughter came home from school and couldn't stop dipping into it. And my husband kept home work and couldn't stop either!

    It's that good.

    (Oh and Debbie? Thank you SO much for actually writing down a recipe ... with actual measurements, no less! ... for me.

  2. Totally with you on #2. Staples/Office Max/Office Depot are my happy places, especially in buying notebooks and pens, none of which I need.


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