Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rant Ahead. Fasten Your Seatbelts.

Today is one of those days. Those late summer, mid-August days full of warmth and gentle breezes and the song of the Cicada when I really just want to sit all day with a book and read.

One of those days when I greatly resent that my brain tells me that I have other things to do. Other adult things to do. Other more insistent, goal oriented, work related things to do. That really it isn’t a good or productive thing to do, to sit down with a book and read all afternoon you because that is just really not “doing” anything, not “accomplishing” anything.


This is what I would like to be doing today. But I need a cup of coffee to go with that large helping of books please.

There are tomatoes to can. There is yard work to do. There is ironing to finish. There are sweet pickles that have to be completed. There is a boat load of scrap booking flotsum and jetsum that I am weeding through. There are a MOUNTAIN of work related things that need to be done, like yesterday really. So much to do in a finite amount of hours. And the “world” would tell me that I should do those things rather than read a book.

And I don’t like it. And I resent it. And sometimes I think that perhaps I should just go with my gut instinct for the day and read. Reading is a vital thing for me. It has been a part of my life and makeup for as long as I can remember. The constant when other things were in flux. If I had a book to read then I could handle just about anything else.

LONG car ride to Colorado or Maine or Florida? I have reading material so I am set.

Days of medical testing at Mayo Clinic and needles as far as the eye can see? I have LOTR with me and Gandalf can keep me occupied.

Scary plane ride in a thunderstorm? I have a book to read so all is good.

Barfing my guts up at a museum in Mexico City (or Peru or Africa) and then laying down on a bench. Got a book so I am good.

Endless hours waiting in the car to pick up one or the other of the progeny. Got a book with me so take your time.

Other than sleeping or knitting or photography the thing that I like to do the most is read. I fight a battle just about every day to squeeze in reading time in a schedule that is often packed to the gills with other things.

And I resent it thank you very much.

Well, now that I have gotten that out of my system I am going to go back to reading one of the 15 books that came in to the library for me…..all in the space of two days. But first I think I had better finish the Super Sweet pickles so that LaurenLeap doesn’t get mad at me.

But then I am going back to reading FOR SURE.


  1. 15 new to you books piled up waiting for you to peruse them? That would be like having a big bowl of M & M's sitting around on the coffee table!! Sure hope you had time to sit down and do that which not only fills your heart but balances your life - READ!!!

  2. I guess it's too late to tell you that I wouldn't have been mad at if you you chose to read instead of finish the pickles, huh?


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