Monday, August 6, 2012

They Will Just Have to Duke It Out

The bees have found the hummingbird feeders.

And it is all out war every day all day. Hummingbird v Bee. Bee v Hummingbird. Circling and chirping and buzzing.


The top picture was taken with my 50mm lens. It is the lens that is usually on my camera body so when I saw the swarm of bees buzzing around the feeder like planes around O’Hare I just grabbed the camera and went out to document.

I took a couple of pictures. I was all snap-snap-joy-joy. That was until they realized I was there, up close, and decided to start buzzing around me. And then it occurred to me….

Ummm, I do have a 75-300mm lens which will allow me to stand WAAAAAAY back and still get close on pictures.

Yes, that sounds like a better idea Deb. Way to use your meager brain matter before damage was done.

I think this situation is just going to have to continue until the hummingbirds leave sometime late next month. I cannot spray the feeders with bee/wasp killer without hurting the hummingbirds. I have tried to take the feeders in for a day or so, give them a good wash and then hang them back outside. But the hummers need as much nectar as they can get at the moment and they will leave pretty quick if the feeders disappear. So we are at a stalemate.

They are both vicious little buggers. They can duke it out.


  1. That is why I haven't sprayed the feeder, because they are honey bees. Believe me, if they had been wasps it would be all out war.

  2. Maybe you should take up beekeeping. Looks like you've got a good start at a swarm right there.

  3. Sheesh, what a lot of bees. That is more bees than I have seen in ten years - we are lucky to see one a year! But we do have the hummers - five feeders keep them happy...

  4. I have seen a few honey bees around the house this summer but your one photo session has my area beat by far! I had to laugh when you were talking about being up close and personal ~ I would do the same thing with the bumble bees on my sunflowers and then quickly dance away when they realized I was there. Like you, never thought about putting on the long lens...guess it was more fun to do the "bumbly bee don't sting me" dance to entertain all my neighbors. :)


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