Thursday, February 2, 2012

It Is All in the Details


I might have mentioned before that one of my photo gigs is taking architectural photos for a local kitchen designer.

I love it. And I have seen some amazing kitchens.


Take a look at this picture.

See anything “amiss”?

My usual “photo editing plan” is to let the pictures from any shoot sit on my hard drive for up to a week before I edit them. That way I actually approach them with a fresh “eye”. I pulled this one up and really liked the composition and all was well and then…

I took a closer look.

Do you see what I see?


DAGNABBIT! When I was shooting the very cool sink that is just around the corner I had moved the very utilitarian but also very un-photogenic trash can out of the way.

And I forgot to put it back. AND I didn’t notice it as I was lining up the shot.

Insert LARGE dope slap here!

Yes, I could actually “photoshop” it out if I really wanted to. I don’t really want to. And I have other photos just as good.

But I am keeping this picture because I want to remind myself that I have to slow down sometimes and just look to make sure that everything is as I want it.

I am trying to learn from my mistakes.

And I am having just too much fun with photo editing today. I really should do something else constructive but…..


I am just having too much fun playing.


  1. I never thought I could drool over kitchen stuff before but you have me doing it, garbage can and all. I absolutely love the picture of the bananas.

  2. Can I come along on photo shoots - gorgeous photo and gorgeous kitchen!!!! I need to see more.

  3. Oh, my . . . that stove! If you ever get to take pics of a kitchen that has an Aga stove, I WANT WANT WANT to see the pictures!

  4. This is such an upbeat blog, vibrant, wonderful. Re your word about yourself, I didn't know all the acronyms, &I've got to admit I was curious about HHBL. My son has four names too - I love that. Most forms have room for only 3 names. F*em ! My son's name is great, and mine's okay too.

    I really loved your page = it's really alive :)

  5. I got a good laugh at your trash can photo...been there, done that. There is nothing more frustrating than downloading images from a shoot and having that "oh love this one but wait, what is that growing out of their head" moment. :)

    1. Yup. I sat here for a minute thinking about Photoshopping it out but decided against it. Oh well.

  6. Deb, Your work is gorgeous! I wish I was still a creative director; I'd hire you in an instant!


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