Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Are You Serious!!!

 Blogger ate my post.

It was a beautiful post.

It had beautiful pictures.

It was smoothly and competently written. Meant to post on this very day.

It was a joy to behold.

And it is not there. Or I should say that what was posted was the title and then nothing. Zippo. Zilcho. Nada. Nein.

I am away from my desk for the day but have my trusty iPad with me. He is always with me, my constant companion. My ever faithful servant. I had a moment between "stuff" to check to make sure that the post had posted without incident. I pull up ye old blog and....


For the love of Peter, Paul and Mary.

Sometimes all this technology just bites me in my big, fat bahookie.

And just as an aside, one of these days I am going to do a blog post on what auto correct comes up with when I am typing. It didn't like "bahookie" and kept insisting that what I REALLY meant to spell was boho okie or possibly bazookas or bah okie.

What is a bah okie anyways?


  1. I'm thinking I'm glad I still have my flip phone and desktop computer because so many people express irritation with this auto correct and I have not idea what they're talking about.

    I'm sorry you lost your post. Does it help that I still laughed at your big, fat bahookie?

  2. This is why I use a blogging program - ecto. It's decent, although log overdue for an update. As I use WordPress on my own server, I use WordPress for iPad for the exceedingly rare ocassion when I want to post from my iPHone. There probably is a generic blogging program for iPhone/iPad, although I deleted iBlogger a while ago. Looking at iTunes app store, I see BlogPress, Blogsy and BloggerPlus. Just going by the info and pictures, it looks like Blogsy seems to particularly well-rounded out and efficient on iPad.

    1. I knew I would be away from my lap top all day so I wrote the post the day before and then scheduled its posting for later. And for some reason Blogger then, instead of posting it, ate all the pictures and text and just posted it blank. I use Live Writer on myj laptop so the post will still be there. I will just repost at some point.

      And on my iPad I use Blogsy which does a fairly good job. The reviews for iBlogger were terrible so I just avoided that one all together.


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