Friday, February 17, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol 155, The Florida Edition)


 Yes, again I have been away and you have not even known it. I am sneaky that way. When you have soaked in the warmth from my blathering remember to click on the picture to be whisked, with the speed of my quickly past time in Florida, over to Betty Beguiles who is hosting this week.

And now on with the blather.



I was able to have fresh squeezed orange juice every day compliments of my parental unit, Papa.

Have I ever told you that I won't drink orange juice unless it is fresh squeezed. I am picky like that. Once you go fresh squeezes you can't go back.

Orange Juice snob am I.


 I saw an alligator! OK, for those of you who live in Florida you are now yawning and saying, "Yeah, I see those all the time. Big whoppee do!"

Yeah well we don't see too many of them in the Frozen Northeast Ohio.

I really wanted to risk getting a closer picture but HHBL wanted to be able to fly home with his wife so I didn't.

We were able to see old friends. And make some new ones. And Mimi, the parental unit, made a fabulous meal as usual.


 Life is SOOOO hard when you can surf the 'net by the pool. Someone had to do it and so I volunteered so you all didn't have to.

I love all of you THAT much.

You can thank me later.


 I have no idea what this bird is. An egret? Whatever. It was walking along the nature preserve road and I took a picture of it. We don't have any of these in Ohio either.

We have turkeys, both the birds and the politicians.


Cute babies everywhere. I just want to squeeze them all and blow raspberries on their cheeks.

I think we need a grandchild.


 Oh the fried fish. And the hush puppies. And the fries.

And the ice cream.

And the Key Lime Pie.

I am going to have to walk A LOT more to get rid of the fried fish that I have brought back applied to my hips.

But it was So good.

So, so good.


  1. I love this line about (my state) Ohio: "We have turkeys, both the birds and the politicians" Thanks for the chuckle!

  2. Fresh squeezed orange juice is good but I'll drink the non-fresh kind because I know that as far as juice goes it probably has more nutrients than some others.

    I would take a picture of an allegator too. These are nice pictures!

  3. Where in Florida were you? I'm from the space coast and your post brought back memories to this Florida native on a snowy North Carolina day!


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