Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Springtime You Are A Tease

Yesterday was beautiful outside. Warm. Sunny. It seemed a perfect day to just sit in the back garden for a bit with the camera.

I have been reading through Tom Dinning’s “Learning to See” blog posts and thought it might be a good time to put some of the things into practice. To just sit in the garden quietly for a time and see what is happening and “be” a part of it.

Maybe at this point I should just light some incense and put on some tie dye clothing.

So I sat for a time just listening to the birdies tweet. And the wind blow.

Oh I should also tell you I was outside because I wanted to play around with my camera. No surprise there. I wanted to test out my Back Button focusing. Can I just tell you that I am so in love with this feature.


Now back to the show.


I always leave the Autumn Joy sedum uncut over the winter. It gives a nice contrast to the bleakness and the birdies like to sit in it.


What? Doesn’t everyone have a toilet planter? You don’t understand why I have a toilet planter? Some people in this household, who shall remain nameless, don’t understand it.

But my father does…..where do you think I got the idea.


I might have to look for a replacement this year. Or not.


Ahhhhh, resting and relaxing in the sunshine. With my bright purple Crocs. Life is good.


Hmmmmm, the warm winter has given some of the lilies in the garden the idea that it might be time to wake up and get to growing. Go back little lily!!


Oh dear. The Pileated Woodpecker has been drilling a hole in one of the trees. You cannot tell from this picture but it is a substantial hole, about 3 inches tall.


That’s not good. Not good at all. No one ever said that gardening was all happy happy joy joy. If they did then you can bet they have a gardener.


The lovely green plants sticking their heads up in anticipation of…..

HEY NOW! Wait just a cotton pickin’ minute here. You aren’t a plant!! You are…..



So I had to spend a bit of time pulling some weeds. They offended my senses and my garden zen.


Garden zen? Alpha I would be happy to contribute to your garden zen.


What is that behind you Alpha Male? What is that moving object?


Wait! I know what it is! It is a…..a……a……..





I will protect you from the squirrel oh Alpha Male.

I decided to go in after that. I was a bit deaf.

And my big fat bahookie was chilled from sitting on the ground.


  1. I have an old toilet sitting in our garage with your name on it if ya want!!

  2. I'm thinking that gigantic hole would otherwise be called a nest, no?


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