Friday, February 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol 153)


OH how the days doth fly. Spring will soon be here right? But until she arrives it is time for the weekly dose of windy blather. So once you have contemplated my poor excuse for a blog post click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of the snowflakes that are falling, over to Betty Beguiles (who is hosting this week) to see what everyone else has been doing.

And now to the blather.

They are predicting snow tonight and into tomorrow.

Darn it.

It has been so nice to be relatively snow free.

HHBL and I were able to attend the Cleveland State University (CSU) v Valparaiso University (Valpo) men’s basketball game last night.

Have I ever mentioned that HHBL is a graduate of Valpo? Well he is. The Alumni Assoc puts on a “meet and greet and eat” thing every year when Valpo comes to town and this year we could go.

The catering service at the Wolstein Center was AWFUL. I cannot stress enough that it was AWFUL. They didn’t refill any of the pitchers of water or tea or lemonade. They ran out of food before people had even gotten to have anything to eat. AWFUL.

Did I mention that it was AWFUL.


Valpo brought their game with them and trounced CSU 59-41. CSU managed to score ONE point in the first 8 minutes of the game. That is ONE point to Valpo’s SEVENTEEN points.


And oh is it nice to have an 85mm lens and a good camera body at these kinds of things.

I mentioned this week on Twitter that I had seen the deer triplets (yearlings) on one of my walks this week. I also mentioned that I have decided to name them…..

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

For that is sure what I wish they were rather than eaters of my plantings.

I also saw their momma, The Baby Maker, hanging around.

And then I looked out my office window the other morning…


And they were all in the yard, just as casual as you please. As long as they stay down there I am fine.

But stay away from my HOSTA!!!

And my Day Lilies!!!

And anything else that is growing in my yard.

I made these today…


Crack Beans

Yes, those are garbanzo beans (chickpeas) that have been cooked, then seasoned, then roasted in the oven. In my never ending quest for healthy snacking alternatives I came across this recipe on Pinterest.

Mother of All That is Holy they are good. I put Kosher salt, garlic powder and paprika on these. I am also thinking that they would be pretty darn awesome on the sweet and salty side. Oh the possibilities.

I was actually fully intending to take pictures and tell all of you how to make these. But then I decided that Frugal By Choice, Cheap By Necessity had already done that pretty well so I am just going to send you over there. No need to re-invent the wheel. Just click on “Crack Beans” to go and see how easy.

I will say that I soaked the beans overnight and then cooked them this morning in some homemade beef stock that I had leftover in the frig for just an added depth of flavor. And when they were done I let them drain on kitchen towels until they were no longer damp. And then followed the rest of the recipe.

MMMMMMM, salty and crunchy. What’s not to like about that.

This week was a “Knitting Not Working” week.

I don’t like those kinds of weeks.

I tend to try and just knit through them even though I know that the project isn’t right and I am wasting time that would be better spent just frogging back and re-evaluating.

I am working on a baby sweater for an internet buddy who is about to pop have her first baby and I want to get the sweater done before the blessed event.

And I didn’t want to have to go and buy any yarn when I have a boat load of stash. So I scrounged around to find something that I thought would work. And I found something that I thought would do, the right weight and I THOUGHT I had enough.

I was wrong. But I kept telling myself that I had enough…all the way through the body of the sweater and the collar of the sweater and half way through the first sleeve of the sweater. Until I couldn’t lie to myself any more. I didn’t have enough yarn.

And I didn’t like the way that the yarn looked in the sweater.

So I had to frog back AND buy yarn.


But the new sweater. Oh it is FAB. And almost done.

And speaking of working, since I don’t seem to have anything else to talk about today. These are the other two projects that I did manage to complete in the last 10 days or so.


It Puts the Dane in Danish

Another Dane Shawl, which I have used several times I might add.


That Other Hat

I have no idea why the designer gave it that name but I like it so it doesn’t really matter.

You may have already seen this. If you haven’t….and you have kids… must.

I laughed until I snorted my coffee out my nose.

Be aware that there is a bit of bad language. But it is still hilarious. Go ALL the way to the end of the clip.


  1. I went to that father's Facebook. Evidently he & his daughter had a long talk & then she read some of the comments to his video. She was amazed at how stupid some were ... thinking she'd do everything from committing to suicide to getting a job as a stripper. Her reply? "Dude… it’s only a computer. I mean, yeah I’m mad but pfft.” She asked him to post a comment on one of the threads asking what other job fields the victims of a laptop-homicide were eligible for because she wasn’t too keen on the stripping thing.

    Love it.

  2. Actually, I wouldn't mind if the local deer (aka hooved rodents) ate the hosta. Just as long as they leave my pole beans alone. And my bush beans. And my peas. And my lettuces. And my tomato plants. And my pepper plants (yes, even the hot varieties). And my cucumbers. And my squash plants.

    I don't believe they have ever eaten my leeks. And, since I am rather fond of leeks, I should be thankful for that. But leeks don't take up very much space, and even I can only use so many of them.

    Which is why last year I had a 7-foot chain link fence erected around my vegetable garden. No, it isn't pretty, but -- so far -- it has worked. And I hope to put a few flowering vines on the north side to soften the utilitarian aspect.


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