Monday, February 6, 2012

Why Do I Do This???

I had a different post in mind today. A smart post. An erudite post.


This is not that post.


This post is brought to you by my aching head. And by my general malaise. And by my inability to stop myself  from eating gargantuan amounts of food.


Yesterday the Super Bowl happened. And that means that we went over to the home of LookLeap and The Tech Guy for the annual......


Super Bowl Foodapalooza


I felt it should be in large letters because it was just that kind of evening you know.


We ate. Oh did we eat.


Football game? What football game? I was just concerned with making sure that I had enough of the cheese fondue that was the "appetizer".


And then there was the steak and chicken fondue for the "main event". Mother of all that is Holy it was good. When you combine pointy forks and steak or chicken and very hot oil you end up with magic. Magic I tell you. And add to that the different dipping sauces. 


Oh Momma.


And then LookLeap and I had some salad just so that we could feel healthy and righteous. HHBL and TTG just looked at us as if we had lost our football marbles when we asked if they wanted some.


What?? You can't have salad during the Super Bowl? Is that some unwritten rule that I don't know about? Green food items aren't allowed.




And then there was dessert, as I knew there would be. Did you catch the theme for the evening? Fondue? LookLeaps favorite food.


So of course we had to have chocolate fondue with fabulous things to dip in it. Strawberries. Bananas. Angel Food cake that had been browned in butter.


Take a moment to think about that. Angel Food cake browned in butter.


Yes, I know. The angels sang.


I tried to pace myself I really did. Oh and did I mention that we also had hot cheese dip with tortilla chips as a chaser. And some Jana's Do Dads as well.


Needless to say, HHBL and I didn't walk home so much as rolled down the street, groaning with the excess of food that we had subjected ourselves to. I was still suffering from excess food hangover this morning. And my brain wasn't working too well. Hence this rambling and rather incoherent post that is only emerging late in the day.


I will do better tomorrow.....I hope.


Thank goodness we only do this once a year.


That is probably what Tom Brady was saying to himself all day.








  1. we went to a super bowl party yesterday. the host had a single bypass back in early December. The food was.......... HEALTHY. Lentils, cabbage salad, fat-free hummus, smoked pork tenderloin, fruit salad. It was the most bizarre thing, like wandering in to the Twilight Zone. I, of course, didn't realize there was a theme and brought oatmeal scotchies. There's one in every crowd.

  2. I love the fondue theme and will be stealing it for my next party. :)

  3. You have my sympathy Barb N. (I'm sure the other guests were very thankful for your cookies!)


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