Friday, February 3, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol 152)


Where does the time go? And why can’t I remember to write these things out over the week rather than doing them all in one fell swoop. Procrastinator am I. Betty Beguiles is hosting this week so after you have thought long and hard about my blathering click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of my ever expanding Super Bowl waist line, over to see what everyone else has been doing.

Remember last week when I told you about my heart break at losing one of my newly completed mittens?

Oh the heart break.

Imagine my joy when, as I was getting in the car after church on Sunday I looked down and there, hiding under the passenger seat was……


Oh the joy. And now they are together again and all is happy with the world.

Thank goodness I hadn’t purchased replacement yarn to knit a new mitten.

One of the disadvantages with living in a house that is 10+ years old?

Things break. And that is hard on the budget.

On Monday, in the late afternoon, I realized that there was a smell, a very “hot” smell that was wafting through Chez Knit. And I realized that on one side of the house there was hot air but it wasn’t blowing out of the vents.


Went downstairs and checked and it seemed that the blower motor was not working on one of the furnaces (yes we have two). Sigh. So I had to call the furnace guy on  Tuesday. He came right out.

And it was a fried circuit board. And I do mean fried. Like in scorched.

His comment was, “well it is a good thing that you were home. It would have been really bad had this gone on for a long time”.

That didn’t make the pain of paying the bill any less difficult.

Know you, I am still amazed at technology sometimes.

This week was Abuela’s birthday (HHBL’s Mom, my MiL). So we called her like any good children would.

With Skype

All the way to Lima, Peru.

And she sounded clear as a bell.

Technology is amazing

As we all know I am attempting to introduce new recipes into the weekly menu planning. I have all these darn cookbooks and I am going to use them!

And then there is Pinterest, heaven help me.

This week, besides the foray into yogurt making I also cooked “The Ultimate Stuffed Chicken Breasts” which is a recipe that I found in a Cooks Illustrated magazine that I found at Goodwill.

I full intended to take pictures and show all of you how to do it.

No. Way.

The recipe was good, don’t get me wrong. The breasts were stuffed with ham and cream cheese and onions and all manner of good things.

But they were an absolute pain in my big fat bahookie to make.


First I had to de-bone the chicken breasts. That wasn’t the fault of the recipe that is just the way that I bought them. Then you had to pound the breasts out. And before that you had to saute the onions and garlic and add them to the softened cream cheese and whip them all around. And then you had to spread all of that out on the flattened chicken breats and then you added ham and rolled them up. And THEN you rolled them into foil and stuck them in the frig to congeal. THEN you brought them back out, rolled them in flour, dunked them in egg, rolled them in bread crumbs (homemade thankyouverymuch). And THEN you fried them for a bit just to give them a crust and then finished them off in the oven.

I am exhausted just writing all that out. We won’t be having these all too often.

Was it Spring like at your house this week? It was here. And today, even though it isn’t that warm the sun is shining and we are having one of those rare “no clouds” day.

And Denver is getting the weather that we usually have.

I don’t know whether to just be happy about that or to be worried that the winter we usually have is still going to arrive only just a bit later than normal.

The daffodils are 3+ inches up out of the ground. That is not good.

Any plans for Super Bowl night? We will be at the home of LookLeap and The Tech Guy for the annual “Eatapalooza”. And that really isn’t an exaggeration I am afraid. It is more like a “Grazapalooza until We Explode” kind of thing. I probably should just stop eating now in anticipation. Except we have another party to go to tomorrow night where there will also be vast quantities of food.

Yikes. My jeans feel tight just thinking about it.

This year I am bringing a salad for Super Bowl night just so that we can say that there was something healthy and nutritious.

It’s all in the appearances my friends.

I am going to add a new thing to the Friday Quick Takes, just for me. As we all know I take pictures. And I don’t just use Big Bertha the Magnificent. I also use my ipod “Dahling”. And I think I am going to do a Friday “ipod photo dump”. This is not my idea. I stole it straight from Kelle Hampton over at Enjoying the Small Things.

Feb 3A

Hopefully this helps me to remember to take the pictures off the ipod and put them on my computer. Some of these are VERY old pictures. Remind me to do this will you.


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  1. Brace yourselves! I made a stop at Trader Joes and they had a special area devoted to Super Bowl snacks there!


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