Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Too Stinkin’ Cute

Sometimes I just get into a creative “jag” where I am filled with the creative urge.

And sometimes I am just tickled when a project comes out so cute.

So stinkin’ cute

Behold my latest felted project….

IMG_1571  IMG_1570IMG_1573

My little felted bag. It is just big enough to hold my cell phone, my ipod and a couple of other things. With a nice long strap it can go cross wise over my shoulder. I used it on Sunday night when we went to dinner and then Les Mis.

It is so cute that I think my younger nieces each need one. They may not appreciate them but they are getting them anyways.

I smile just looking at it.

And wait til you see what I am whipping up for Easter. I am hoping that it turns out.

Too stinkin’ Cute.


  1. The purse makes me smile too. How did you like Les Mis? I've seen it twice and it remains my favorite Broadway musical.

  2. Hi Debbie! Love it and love your choice of colors! So where can I get the pattern for this cute bag?

  3. Too cute! Love the colors on it.

  4. Indeed cute! I love the stripey strap, the coordinated lining, and best of all the clever snap under the buttonhole! Did you love Les Mis? I was lucky enough to see it on Broadway about 2 months after its opening (great friend who worked for Rolling Stone got the tix) 20+ years ago and it will always be my fav musical!


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