Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Dog Day Afternoon


IMG_1628 Surveying his domain. Making sure Alpha Male is safe and that all is right with the dog world

IMG_1627AStick!!! Alpha has a stick!!!

IMG_1629A A stick, a stick, a stick! I love the stick. I want the stick.

IMG_1630A That stick is MINE! Why are you holding the stick! Why are you not throwing the stick!

IMG_1638AStiiiiiiiiiiick! I want the stiiiiiiiiick! Throw the stiiiiiiiiiiick!

IMG_1632A Give. Me. The. Stick!

IMG_1640A IMG_1641A IMG_1642A IMG_1643A Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the stick!

IMG_1626AThe Mail Lady! Who cares about the dumb stick.

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  1. Such a short attention span! lol

    Did you see the book I featured at my blog that has knitting patterns for royal family dolls for the wedding? I thought of you!


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