Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Green is My Favorite Color Today

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I have been digging in the dirt.

And I forgot how hard that is on my back. But really, I just wasn’t going to waste an afternoon that is 60F and sunny. Here is the Frozen Northeast Ohio 60F translates to 80F in other parts of the country.

We take what we can get.

IMG_1574 Oh there is so much to do in the garden. The first thing to do is to tackle the path.

IMG_1584My tools for the job. The small flat blade down in the bottom left corner is my chosen weapon against the moss.

I have to saw that for the last few years I have enjoyed watching the slow progress of the moss as it crept across certain areas of the back garden. But the time has come to clean it all out and neaten things up a bit.

IMG_1586AI am going to be doing this quite a bit in the next week or so depending on the weather. There are a lot of stone pathways around here.

Oh my aching back.

IMG_1579A I just want to remind you that when you put something into your garden know what it is going to do when planted. This is the sedum that ate the world. It came from the Parental Units and nothing, not even nuclear winter, can kill this stuff. One little piece breaks off and you have an infestation.

IMG_1577AAhhhh the first hosta are poking their little heads above the ground.

IMG_1580A  Damn, damn, damn! (Sorry I said damn three times. I hang my head in shame).

It always happens this way. Always. I think, “Hmmm, I probably should get out there and spray the day lilies as they first come up so they don’t get munched on. I will do that tomorrow if the weather is nice.”

Well it is tomorrow. And last night the filthy quadrupeds from the woods deer visited the garden.


IMG_1583A At least they don’t eat my daffodils.

IMG_1585A Or the Clematis. Oh Clematis I love you so. I know it is finally Spring when you start to appear.

And tomorrow……

Tomorrow LookLeap and I go over to the big garden to mark off the squares and think about the first BLTs.

They can’t be that far away.


  1. Your gardening brings me hope... Hope that we will soon be able to garden here, too. It has been spitting snow today - isn't this spring?

  2. I desperately need my gardening friend to stop by and give me advice!! I tried my hand at landscaping today - but ohhhhhh so much to do and who knows what should stay or go???? Please come give me pointers when ya can!!!

  3. Bravo! I'm happy to see spring come to your corner of the country and I hope and pray that it stays!

  4. That early garden work is so anticipated...and then the work begins in earnest! grrrr LOL

    I'm thinking of trying doses of boiling hot water on areas where I want to kill small infestations (cracks in sidewalks, baby garlic everywhere, etc.) No chemicals!!! Unless I burn myself and have to apply medicinal chems to my skin! (I'm a klutz sometimes so that is not out of the realm of possibility.)

  5. I love moss, and I love your old milk can. I have one just like it, but I swear I could start a collection of them.


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