Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Call Me Mrs. Noah

Yes, it is still raining here in the Frozen Northeast Ohio. I am trying to remind myself that April showers bring May flowers but all I can really see is standing water in the lawn. It has rained for most of the month of April. In fact we have set an all time record for April precipitation around here. I am trying to remind myself that, “At least it isn’t snow!”. Small comfort.

IMG_1623AAnd when I walk in the lawn, which I try not to do right now because of all the rain all I can hear is squish, squish as my flip flops sink into the saturated ground….
IMG_1622Please ignore my short, stubby toes. They cannot help it. But thank goodness I painted my toe nails for Easter. And yes those are toe rings. And yes I have a set on each foot. And no I don’t ever take them off, unless the X-Ray tech insists. I am going to be an old, wrinkled crazy grandma who is going to be buried with her gray hair and toe rings.

And then there are the multiple piercings in my ears. And if I was a bit younger I would pierce my nose as well!

I raise my fist in defiance and….

Ummmm, sorry I digressed there. Must be Soggy Rain Brain Syndrome.

So, as I was looking at my soggy lawn I also noticed…..

IMG_1620A Violets!!! I love violets. They are so happy and when I see them I think that Spring might actually arrive. Maybe. And then I start complaining because they don’t stay in the woods darn it! They spread to my flower beds and take over and then I have to throw them back in the woods. But they are happy looking.

And even though you can’t see it (because I haven’t taken a picture yet) all the male goldfinches are bright yellow again.
IMG_2089A This is what they look like at the moment. And there are about 8 of them just chowing down on the feeder. And I saw the Rose Breasted Grosbeaks there today as well. I love those birds and their song.

I really just wanted to write out Rose BREASTED Grosbeak.

Hmmmmm, yes, well.  Teenage boy moment there.

And now it has started to sprinkle again. Sigh.

Thank goodness it is almost wine o’clock and there is salmon for dinner.


  1. Oh my goodness, the photo of that finch is awesome!

  2. Your right. At least it isn't snow and you can expose you toesies with thongs! Yes, I'm a 15 year old boy too.. (She said thongs! he he!)

  3. Sorry it's so wet out there...maybe you should start brushing up on how to measure cubits...

  4. I see someone is playing with her telephoto lens!


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