Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Shame. No Shame At All.

Oh goodness.

I have been at the pictures again.

There is a much longer “Pictures From the Crypt” coming I promise. But I just had to whet your whistle so to speak with these beauties. I found my Jr. High year books in a box in the basement.

And there are some people that should be VERY afraid that I did. And that I blog. And then there is Facebook…and Twitter.

And I am going to owe a huge apology maybe to someone.

But it is always better to ask forgiveness than permission.

I hope.


If there are any small children or people with weak hearts you might want to move them away from the computer for the time being. I don’t want to scare anyone.

8th grade AOh Lordy. This is me in 8th grade. There was not enough money in the world that could have induced me to smile in the school picture. I had braces. I had major body image issues. I had about as much confidence in myself as a slug in a room full of chickens. I wasn’t smiling.

No way.

No how.

Kathy Santucci 8thAAnd this is my friend Kathy. Oh she is so going to kill me when she sees this. Thank goodness she lives a long way from me. She plays with pointy sticks so you need to watch out.

I blog. Kathy blogs.

I knit. Kathy knits, but much better than I.

I am occasionally funny. She is hilarious.

But you know what the really odd thing is? We weren’t that good of friends in Jr. Hi and High School. I don’t understand it.

Why? Why?

Now it is as if we are Knit Sibs separated at birth.

Well, we WERE but this picture may change that.

But I am sure not. Yeah, I know that Kathy will forgive me for this. I just couldn’t help myself and I didn’t have anything else in my brain to talk about and these pictures were staring me in the face.

She will still love me won’t she? She will still be my Knit Sib!

You won’t leave me will you Kathy?



  1. :) I'm sure she'll still talk to you... JUST not as kindly as before!
    You guys were cuties!

    I still love you, Deb! You are hysterical!
    In my defense, nothing like having your eighth grade class picture hours after having braces put on. No smile for me. Plus, extra puffy lips!
    You, on the other hand, are a cutie!
    Glad we are pals, now, though, sweetie!

  3. @kathy g- you got braces that same day?? Now that is just cruel. Of course Jr. Hi. is just cruel in general. I try not to think about those days.


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