Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Houston We Have A Problem

I might have mentioned the less than optimal weather that we have been having here in the Frozen (and soggy) Northeast Ohio. According to a friend of mine we have had 5, count them, 5 days of sunny, above 50F weather since March 1. Deeeeeepressing.

And it seemed a good day to be inside after coming home from Bible Study.

This is what is coming our way and I figured that I had PLENTY to do inside to keep me occupied.

Weather WedOh lovely.

I am working hard in the basement weeding out unnecessary plastic objects in pursuit of my goal to not move anything that I don’t absolutely have to. I am not moving in the foreseeable future but I like to be prepared.

Working working working working

Ignoring the wind that is making the trees creak and moan. And making Max the Magnificent all skittish and in need of therapy.

Working working working


Ummmmmmmm, what was that sound? Hmmmm, probably nothing.

Working working working working.

Come upstairs to do some stuff in my office.

And this is what I see…….

IMG_1653 IMG_1654 IMG_1656 IMG_1657Well crap.

Sorry, I said crap. It just slipped out.

And it is the middle of the day so that means that the tree will stay right where it is, all snuggly with my lawn and driveway, until HHBL gets home and revs up the chain saw.

And said tree is now blocking HHBL’s ability to get into the garage.

And said tree is now blocking my ability to get anywhere at all.

And so, of course, I immediately think of about 100 things that I really need to do that require getting in my car to do them but I can’t get in my car and drive where I want because


I didn’t need to go anywhere else today. I hadn’t planned on going anywhere else today. But when faced with the reality that I CAN’T go anywhere then I want to go somewhere.

And maybe it will be more difficult than I think to cut and move the tree…

And maybe I will never be able to leave Chez Knit again.

And, and, and,


I need coffee.


  1. Well at least it didn't damage house or a car. Unfortunately that is one of the problems with having trees. A tornado topped 2 in our front yard many years aand high winds toppled a big evergreen over our pool fence a few years ago just missing the garage. That one was covered by insurance d/t damage. Hope it isn't raining when hubby gets home.

  2. Ok, so I saw this and the first thing I thought of was The Mist. Did you read it? (The movie version sucked...sorry I said I don't consider it.)

  3. I'm so ready for some nice sunny spring weather too.

    Hope the tree is out of the way now.

  4. Oh wow! Over the winter we've had some trees fall in our back woods. Not in front of the house, thank goodness! But the trees are spanning a creek and going into the back yard of the people over there... Good thing it missed their fence!
    Good luck! Get out your ax!


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