Tuesday, November 16, 2010

If At First You Don’t Succeed…..

Take the house off the market for a while.

Well it is official on this rainy Tuesday. As of yesterday Chez Knit is no longer on the house market.


I am not sure how I feel about this to tell you the truth. I am still processing it although we made the decision a while ago.

IMG_0470                                   Maybe this will tell you how I am felling.

I will tell you that even a year ago I was still dragging my feet at the thought of selling the old homestead. But over the last year the Lord has worked on me….hard. Isn’t that always the way. We dig our heels in on things and the Lord just has to drag us along kicking and screaming and yelling at the top of our lungs like a two year old. He has His plan and we have ours and really, in the end, His wins. If you don’t believe that then read Isaiah.

So we dig our heels in like a toddler…..Or a teenager. Remind me some time to tell you about the time that I left TMO at the local Blockbuster. Not because I forgot her. Believe me it was hard to forget her when she was being absolutely defiant. No, I told her that I was going to leave her if she didn’t get her act together. She chose not to and I chose to leave. The look on her face was priceless.

But I digress…..again.

HHBL felt that we should try to sell Chez Knit this year. We are empty nesters, Chez Knit is honkin’ big for just two people. It was time.

I, being the good and obedient wife…..

Hey! I am obedient sometimes. Why all the snickering and coughing?

Back to the thoughts at hand. We made the effort to clean out and pack up and get ready. We did the extra things that Joyce the Stager told us to, well most of them anyways. We put the house on the market and had the open houses (a waste of time if you ask me) and kept everything clean and lived in a house that didn’t look like ours…. all so that a grand total of about 10 people could wander through and then tell us what was wrong with the house and why they didn’t want to buy it.

For 9 months.

PFFFFFFFFT! to them.

I know that doesn’t seem all that long and really, when you look at the length of time that some houses have been on the market it isn’t. But it has become clear to us that right at this time it is very unlikely that this house is going to sell.

I just have to interpret this as the Lord wants us here at Chez Knit for the time being.

Lord, have I not cleaned out enough stuff in the basement? Are you wanting me to clean out more because if that is the case then I am so on board with that. I am down with it. I am cleaning out right now this very minute at least after I am done with this insanely boring blog post.

So, I have begun to undo what Joyce hath done. I am gathering  the artwork and tchochke and giving it all back on Thursday. And I am living in a space that I feel comfortable in.

And Big Red is back where he belongs

But I have to tell you. The Lord has worked on me. And He has helped me. He has helped me to see that I really need to let go of a lot of stuff. What do I really need to be happy. What do I really need to function in my daily life. And I just have too much stuff. And so, I will spend some more time cleaning out and consolidating. So that when we actually do sell this house I don’t move one single box that I don’t need.

You have to hold me to that.

Not one single box that I don’t need.

HEY, I do need that box of books. I absolutely do!


  1. Books are friends! They have to stay. Enjoy your home in the meantime. God will work things out when the timing is right.

    p.s. I'm having another cookbook giveaway at my blog if you're interested. Worked for you last time, right? lol (I hope it got to you ok.)

  2. Every time I've moved I've gotten rid of about half my stuff. There is still a huge amount of stuff after 45 years of living on my own.

    There's the company that's advertised called "junk something". Supposedly they will come to your home or office and just take everything away. You pay them to do this. I figure when I am ready to move I'll take the things I want and move to a new place. Then I'll call the junk guys and when the place is empty list it for sale.

    It will take them days and days no matter what their pledge of ease is.

  3. Okay, I'll say it out loud now ... I'm glad you guys aren't moving. Yes, I know I'm being incredibly selfish, but I would miss you a lot. Maybe in a year (or so) I'll be ready to say goodbye. But not yet. Okay? Okay. Glad that's out in the open now. :)

  4. You look so comfy in that red chair! I'll bet if that red chair was there, it would've added character and every one of those 10 wanderers would have fallen in love with the house.
    I hated selling our old place and hated when people I knew were shown thru and what they said. "Oh, I don't want a starter house." "The laundry needs to be on the main floor" "Is that a stain on that carpet?"
    When God wants you to move,you'll move and someone will buy. Have patience!

  5. I remember when we did the same thing; put the house on the market, waited and waited and then finally removed it. Four years later we did it again and it sold in 4 months for more than we were asking the first time.

    It'll work out. Get comfy, enjoy it.


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