Thursday, November 11, 2010

Deb’s True Confessions

I feel weighed down by the burden of my weirdness. I feel I must unburden myself. And since I tell you everything. I feel I must confess…….

- I live most of my life without makeup on. I just forget to put it on. That means I, GASP!, go to church without makeup more often than not. I definitely live my daily life without makeup. I am a lazy bum.

- I do not like bananas. I continue to buy them and eat them because they are good for me. But I do not like them………

Unless they are baked into Banana Bread or Banana Chip Bars of course.

- I do not like any orange juice that hasn’t been fresh squeezed that day. I will drink other OJ but I don’t like it. And when the package that you bought at the store says “Fresh Squeezed” it definitely doesn’t taste like it.

- I love my toe rings. I might have mentioned that before. Looking at them makes me happy.

- I cannot sleep on my back. I must sleep on my side so that I can pull the sheet and covers over my ear. Not all the way over my head but just so that it covers my ear.

That is so the vampires cannot suck my blood………

I might have watched too many Dracula movies when I was younger.

- I love roasted chicken skin or turkey skin. I would eat that all day. Of course, then I might not be able to get through the door.

Thanksgiving is in two weeks and Pilot Man is doing TWO turkeys, one on the grill and one in the deep fryer. Oh be still my beating heart.

- A perfect afternoon snack is a big bowl of black olives. Oh how I love them. I don’t indulge in that one any more but I still think it is perfect.

- Beets are God’s perfect veggie. Steamed, with a bit of butter. Oh. Yum.

Or pickled. Shivers.

- I could watch “The Hunt For Red October” every day and be happy.

“Some things in here don’t react well to bullets, Ryan”

I think I will have to watch it this week.

- If it has cilantro in it I will eat it.

Did you know that people either like cilantro or they don’t. The Mom Chef really doesn’t like it.  And most people who don’t like cilantro say that it tastes like soap to them. That is because cilantro and soap evidently share a common ingredient.

That is your factoid for the day.

- I hate to wear high heels.

That is why I have Shoe Queen. She can wear high heels for me.

I wear clogs in the winter, or boots. And in the summer I wear flip flops.

It makes packing for a trip very simple. Flip flops, or clogs, or for the most part my hiking sandals.

Well, I think that is all for now. I feel so much better having gotten that off my ample chest.


  1. One of the reasons I love weekends is so I can go without makeup the entire time. If I didn't work under flourescent lights, I probably wouldn't wear it to work either. But flourescent and my pale skin and blong eyelashes = death warmed over....and I don't want to frighten my co-workers. :)

    I love my toe rings too...but sadly I had to take the one off my left toe...after 12 years for some reason it wasn't fitting right any more and it was really bothering me. Sometimes it still feels like it is on my toe.

  2. Beets are the DEVIL! And woo-who for Thanksgiving day! Two weeks will be here before we even know it.

    You're weird. That's why I know we're related.

  3. Oh my gosh, you stole my list of weirdness! lol! Well, with two exceptions...I don't have any toe rings so I don't know if I like wearing them but seeing them on your toes is fun. I love beets but not pickled. As for makeup, I do wear it but it doesn't bother me if I don't. Other than that we are weird kindred spirits.

  4. If I can get "Hunt for Red October" on Blu-Ray, will you come over and watch it with me? I haven't seen it in ages!

    (Unfortunately, it's checked out at the only library around here that stock Blu-Ray DVDs. Poop!!) (Sorry I said "poop.")

  5. Wow! We could be twins except for 3 things...


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