Friday, November 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 93)


Greetings Hogwartians. It is Friday again and that means Quick Takes!!! So remember, after you have read my less than exciting offerings be sure to click on the picture above to be whisked away, at the speed of one of HHBL’s hits hurtling into the outfield, to see what everyone else has been doing

We had our first snowfall last week, Friday to be exact. When HHBL and I woke up Saturday morning it was to about an inch of the white stuff. Thankfully it didn’t stick around for all that long, the ground is still to warm for that. But it is always slightly depressing to have snow that sticks, even for a bit of time, in November.

It makes me worry about what the rest of the winter will be like.


But I shouldn’t complain about the snow because I got to spend a bit of time in Florida this week recharging the old “sunshine and warmth” batteries and watching HHBL play some baseball.

More on that next week when I have had time to process the pictures and think about it a bit.

But we had loads of fun.



IMG_0422Party Poopers.

And besides, even though I was looking closely I didn’t see any alligators on the whole 4 mile walk. I bet there aren’t even any alligators in that lake.



When in Florida we took a day out and went to the beach down in Sanibel…

And this is what I wore all day…..

IMG_0341I made a definite statement walking down the beach I can tell you. For some unknown reason people and wildlife seemed to give me a wide birth.

I cannot understand why?


In Florida I also might have eaten a portion or two of fish……

IMG_0409 It is Florida after all. And this was really, really good. The perfect lunch.


And while in Florida there was a lot of baseball.

And I like baseball…

A lot

IMG_0328HHBL asked me what I liked most about baseball.

“Other than you in the uniform? I guess I would say that I like the self-sacrificing nature of the game.”

That is a post all in itself actually. I still have to cogitate on it.

But it is also the uniforms.

And who is in it.


And last but not least and totally off the subject of baseball…..

Friday is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows and I am going to the midnight show and I am so excited. I will be wearing my Gryffindor scarf and socks. If I can finish the socks that is. But I am sure that I can.


See you all next week where I will be totally wiped out from seeing HPDH. But I won’t care.

Will you?


  1. Enjoyed the Friday post as usual!

  2. Sad you won't be in Chicago to see it with me and Beth!! The tradition won't be the same without all of us together...We will be wearing our scarves too :)

  3. SOunds like a blast, the whole thing! Too bad you didn't see any alligators. They probably ARE lying about that for tourism...
    have fun at HPDH!

  4. @Meghan - I know!! It won't be quite the same. But I will text you before the start.


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