Friday, November 19, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 94)


Hello. I am tired. It is Friday. I don’t do midnights well. Why did I go. Because I could.

Remember after reading my rather pathetic Quick Takes to go click on the picture above to be whisked, with the speed of teenagers buying Deathly Hollows tickets, over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else has been doing this week.

I. Am. Beat.

I am tired. I am whipped. I want to get in bed and sleep for about a million years. And do you know why that is?????

It is because I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows at midnight. And it was AWESOME.

But we all know that I do not do midnight all that well.

I will tell you all about it next week I think, after I have gone through the pictures and had some sleep.


As we all know by now I was in Florida last week watching HHBL play baseball and soaking up a bit of sunshine before the dismalness that is the Frozen Northeast Ohio winter sets in. I had my computer with me but I didn’t spend hours and hours of time on it because….

well because there was baseball and sunshine and all that stuff.

But that means that when I got home I was then overloaded with blogs to read.

And believe me, I read A LOT of blogs. I think I have finally worked through the backlog but it took several days that is for sure.

So, after we took the house off the market this week then we have a realtor call and want to show the house.

That was fine. Did all the work. Cleaned. Did some staging of my own since all the other staging stuff had been taken away.

And then the time arrives……

And only the realtor shows up.

They had looked at 15 houses before ours and ran out of time and the prospective buyer had to go and pick up her kids.


But the agent assures me that they do want to come and look at the house. But I am not holding my breath.


Thank goodness I am not required to operate heavy machinery today. It might be a very dangerous proposition. That is why I have given myself a rare Yarn, Books and Movies day. Even playing with pointy sticks may be more than my poor cranium can handle.



IMG_0518I still maintain that I was the voice of sanity in the group…..despite what OTHERS might say.


Egads Thanksgiving is in less than a week. We are going to be a big, noisy crowd of people with cousins all over the place.

I can hardly wait.

And Pilot man is making TWO turkeys. One on the grill and one that is deep fried. All I can think is…….


And the fact that The Chef and I are going to have to take a long and vigorous walk in the morning before we start eating. Of course she is as tiny as a hummingbird, eats enough for a football team and stays tiny.

Sometimes life is just not fair.


HHBL and I are moving furniture back into the house tomorrow. We have a number of pieces that have been residing in the garage for the last 9 months. They cannot stay there over the winter and so tomorrow is the move stuff around in the garage day and take the screens out of the windows day and unpack the DVDs day. I think that after that is done it will feel like the whole house on the market thing is finally dead.



  1. I just bought 4 turkeys last night. 3 20 pounders for next Fridays 70+ reunion and 1 wimpy 12 pounder for Thursday.
    I think at least one of them will be smoked.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Nope, not the voice of sanity! I did notice your socks are not visible in the photo so you're a little more decked out than it appears.....

    I'm still tired, too tired to even eat breakfast yet. But it was soooooo fun.

    And again, nope. Not the voice of sanity. Keeping trying to convince yourself just shows how insane you are. lol

  3. 2 turkeys? Wow you have a whole lot going on for Thanksgiving! And having to show your house on top of it all is just the icing on the cake. I hope you have a good holiday despite everything!!


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