Friday, June 18, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 74)

It’s Friday!!! And time for another scintillating edition of Quick Takes. So read mine. Comment on mine (that is a hint by the way) and then click on the picture above to be whisked at the speed of deer raiding the garden over to Conversion Diary to read what everyone else has been doing.

And speaking of deer, look who I saw while I was driving around this week…..
IMG_2018A Can you see, hidden in the grass….


Bambi, Man is in the forest.

Sorry, I just had a sort of flash back to the days when the progeny were young and it seemed like all we watched was Bambi. I have seen a bunch of Momma Deer and fawns this past week. Just so long as they stay away from my hosta then we can live in peace.

Garden Update: because I know that you were dying to know.
IMG_2043We have basil. No surprise there.
IMG_2044AWe have itty bitty tomatoes.
IMG_2042  We have jalapeno peppers
IMG_2045We have slugs. He met a rather messy end at the bottom of my clog.  

I seem to be strangely drawn to watching FIFA World Cup Soccer. I am not really a soccer fan. It always seems like it is isolated minutes of intense excitement followed by hours of boredom. But that is just me. However, I find myself turning the TV on in the morning to see what match is on. I never watch TV during the day, always too busy, so this is just messing up my well crafted daily routine.
Now if they could just get rid of all those vuvuzelas I would be really happy. It makes it hard to enjoy the match when it sounds like they are playing in the middle of a hive of angry bees. I can’t imagine what it is like if you are actually sitting in the stands.

I was standing on my front walk this week, weeding my front borders and I realized that there was this noise in the background.

This strange buzzing noise.

Looked around to find the source and realized that my Spirea bushes, which are in full bloom, are covered with very busy bees.

Very busy. I will try to get a picture but I didn’t have time at that point. But I did have time to just stand there and watch them flit from flower to flower to flower.

So cool.

All my daylilies are expectant with blossoms.

They are fecund.

I love the word fecund. Just let it roll off your tongue.


I am afraid to hope that I might see blossoms. I look out every morning when the sun is just lightening the sky and I check to see if the marauders from the woods deer have snapped them off just as they are about to burst forth in full loveliness.

So far I have not been disappointed. And I continue to hope.

And to spray the vomity stuff whenever I can.

I continue on with my morning “Elixir of Life” updates on Facebook. I feel inspired. This is one of my favorites. It just sprang up in my brain while I was in the shower.
Oh Juice of Joy, so smooth like buttah. Clear my mind of morning cluttah.
It still makes me chuckle.

I am a sad, strange little blogger is all that I can say.

EDIT: I have decided to add the Daily Elixir Update to the sidebar. Just because they give me a chuckle. I am odd that way

A month past the wedding and we are still eating on the left over Candy Buffet candy. And some of it may be a long time in the pantry before we get to it. I have a huge bag of Jolly Ranchers that may just get held over until Halloween at this rate..

And Starlight Mints. Hoo boy do we have A LOT of those. I am just going to have to find some kind of recipe…

But what?

I will let you know.

And speaking of recipes. I will be putting one up next week that you are going to want to make. BELIEVE ME. Chocolate Covered Key Lime Bars.

To. Die. For.


  1. Ha! Juice of Joy ~ I love that one!!

  2. I have to say that I laughed at that particular "EoL" posting. Your mind does work in mysterious, dark ways!

  3. I just looked at a picture of a slug while eating a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. You owe me an apology.

    I don't like Starlite mints. Does anyone actually eat those?? I LOVE Jolly Ranchers!

  4. Yesterday afternoon I was watching a racoon in the tree by our patio then a few minutes later dear son said "look!" and there was a deer in our back yard. A few weeks ago there were wild turkeys.

    Looking forward to the recipe!

  5. Sad, strange little bloggers are the best kind. ;) A friend of mine got married last March and they had a candy buffet. Best. Thing. Ever.


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