Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things I Miss

I am in a melancholy mood today.

Can you hear me singing “Old Man River” which I find to be one of the most melancholy songs ever.

So I thought I would do a list of things that I miss. Are you depressed yet? Sorry, I just have to.

1. I miss the days of summer vacation when the progeny were still in school. Those days that stretched endlessly ahead with nothing really to do. No schedule to keep. No after school activities. No place important to go except maybe to the community pool. I miss them
Now the progeny are all grown and there are no more endless summer days where we can choose to just let the sprinkler run all afternoon and jump through it.

2. Kellogg’s “Concentrate” cereal. The most perfect cereal ever. A bit of sugar, some blueberries and a generous splash of milk and your day just started out right. It made the most lovely squeaky noise when you bit into it.

3. My ability to read for 6-8 hours without guilt. I am afraid that I have either lost or misplaced that guilt free ability. I am working to get it back but sometimes it just bites to be an adult with other responsibilities that take the place of reading…..or knitting.

4. My Grandpa Pringle. Especially when I am working in the garden.

5. My size 8 jeans. I had them fleetingly in 1980. Calvin Klein jeans no less. The kind that, if correctly fit, had to be dragged on as you were lying on the floor and sucking in your stomach. Why did I do that?

6. My uterus……….BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Did you really believe that one? How long have you been hanging around here? We all know that that particular organ and I had an adversarial relationship and that I took steps to eliminate it.

I was just trying to keep you on your toes.

7. Good movies. There aren’t that many of them. It may be that I am just watching too much Turner Classic Movies…..or not.

8. My size 6.5 feet with all of the cute shoes I had. Progeny killed my small feet. And of course all those shoes were cute back in 1985. But I still miss those feet. And my cream colored snake skin flats. Oh I loved those shoes.

9. My grandma’s apple pie. I just can’t reproduce it.

OK, I am done for the moment I think. I don’t promise that I won’t do another one of these lists. We will see.

What is that you miss?


  1. I'm with you on the time to read or do needlework (counted cross stitch for me, not knitting). I also miss my summers at Honey Rock very, very much. Thanks for making me melancholy with you now.

  2. What are friends for!! And Honey Rock really was an awesome place to spend a summer.

  3. I totally miss those summer days. It was a lovely day today, and I spent most of it indoors at work trying not to lose my mind. BTW the community pool was AWESOME.

    I miss summer camp and all of the fun stuff that went along with it. It was the smells, the friends, the crappy food. The whole experience was totally amazing.

  4. I have my own "miss it" list going in my mind. Having another child leave home (though under the happiest of circumstances) has me in the same mindset.


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