Friday, June 25, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 75)

Wow, how time doth fly and here it is Friday again. Remember to click on the picture above to fly, like Glinda in Wicked, over to Conversion Diary to read what everyone else has been doing.

We experienced an earthquake on Wednesday. It was actually centered around Ottawa, Canada but we sure felt the earth move around here. I was sitting on the couch and all of a sudden the couch was moving and the weights in the grandfather clock were banging around and things were rattling. It was a very strange experience although one that I have had before. It just takes you by surprise since this is Northeast Ohio after all and not a place that is generally known for earthquakes.

I thought a huge truck was rumbling by at first but since I live at the end of a cul de sac that wasn’t likely.

HHBL and I watched Avatar on Saturday night…..nothing like doing things right away. Now, if you loved this movie then you might want to just skip right on to #3 in the Quick Takes.

OK, for those of you who stayed, the only good thing that I can say about this movie is that it certainly was visually stunning and appealing.

Otherwise it was James Cameron trying to shovel a bunch of PC crappola into my brain. Sorry, in my dislike I used the word crappola. I will try to be better. No thanks Jim, I think I will pass. I am just plain tired of all the Hollywood movies employing the themes of the evil military and the big, bad corporation.
I feel better now that I have that out of my system.

Cartoon Girl sent me a little gift this week. She found them in a little shop in Manhattan.
IMG_7003 They are salt and pepper shakers! Aren’t they just the cutest things.
IMG_7005 Hey, how did they get a picture of what my toenails look like at the moment?

We all know that I love to knit. And if you don’t know this then you haven’t been hanging around here very long. So, over on Ravelry (remember, Facebook for knitters) I belong to a group called Summer of Socks. Have I told you that my favorite thing to knit is socks? Love it, love it, love it.

So, Summer of Socks starts June 21st and ends September 1st. We all set goals if we want and we knit socks. No big pressure. Just knittin’.

 My goal…..

4 pair of socks by September 1st. I have some doubts as I am also knitting a bunch of other things. However my knit sibs at Tri-County Knitaholics seem to think that I can do this.
I will keep you all posted. I am about 1/4 of the way done with the first pair.

Poor HHBL had to sleep in one of the other bedrooms on Wednesday night because I was snoring so loudly and weirdly. The sore throat and everything that I have been dealing with this week has made it very difficult for me to sleep. I couldn’t swallow, I couldn’t cough because it hurt too much. I had post nasal drainage..too much info?

We would both tell you that we snore. His usual snoring doesn’t bother me, mine doesn’t bother him. And besides, that is why they make earplugs.

But the snoring that I was doing the other night was so loud and weird that he just couldn’t take it and he bailed. I felt so bad. But at least he got a good night’s sleep.

And my throat is finally on the mend.

We have a wedding to go to on Saturday and TMO and TSiL are here for that this weekend. TMO is Matron of Honor at the wedding. It will be at our old church which will be strange. It isn’t that we left the church in a huff, we weren’t mad at anyone. It wasn’t that we were leaving something it was that we were going to something. A church and church family that is much better suited to us.

But I rabbit trail. I am excited because I know I am going to see a bunch of people that I haven’t seen in a bunch of time, like my friend Diana (Hi Diana!!) who lives in another state. We send each other emails, FB stuff and tweets but we haven’t see each other in a LONG time. I talked here about how Diana had an influence, for good we think, on me.

And there will be others there who I haven’t seen in a while. And we get to see Alison become Mrs. Brendan Haggerty which is really exciting and what we are there for in the first place.

Saturday is going to be so much fun.

You know what I love about living in semi-rural obscurity, the owls at night. Talking to each other in the woods. Owl smack I imagine about who is most silent, who eats the most mice, who makes the biggest owl pellets……well, maybe not the last one.

Man I love them.

I have heard them A LOT this week as I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since Saturday I think. There I go whining again.

I just thought that you should know.


  1. So why are you selling this terrific house??? Owls, turkeys, hummingbirds, a garden, a fantastic kitchen... sounds perfect to me.

  2. very cool set of salt and pepper shakers I had a pair when I was a little girl that was from a beach

  3. When I have a sore throat my husband says I moan (sometimes very loudly), which chases him out. Maybe you had a combination of the two (?). We have owls too and while I love the sound, after a while I hate the fact that I force myself to stay awake so I can listen, then I'm mad at them for keeping me awake...c'est la vie. Glad you're feeling better.

  4. I'm glad you are starting to feel better. Summer colds really stink. I cannot wait to see what socks you have planned for your summer knitting. You're going to share pictures, right????? I need some inspiration for my next sock knitting project :)

  5. As always, I enjoyed your quick takes and I agree about Avatar.

    By the way, I referenced your blog in my post today.

  6. I love those salt and pepper shakers, especially the little red toenails.

  7. Cindy sent me glad I came by!

  8. Your site is whacky and fun, thanks for being out there. Saved by Grace huh? Good one.


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