Sunday, June 20, 2010

He’s No Lower Echelon Drone

Just a big if short Happy Father’s Day to my dad.
DSCN3012BWThe man who taught me that
- books are good and should be devoured regularly and with gusto.
- it is not a good idea to put your hand under the running lawn mower. 
- a well written letter can get your point across
- it is right and proper for everything to be organized. But just so long as you know where everything in your office is then it can be slightly chaotic.
- yes cookies are a food group. And necessary to life itself.
- coffee is essential to brain function.
- water cascading into the basement can be taken care of with a good wet/dry vac
- I’m not an aggressive driver I just know what I am doing and you do not!
- Yes, I can take pictures of everything and make my children crazy. It is a parental right.
- I will expect that you will do as I have asked. Right. Now.
- laughter is essential to the daily fabric of our lives.
- if there is dog poop in the yard then it is a certainty that someone will step in it.
- Expecting 100% in others starts with expecting 110% of yourself
- black licorice ice cream and bubble gum ice cream are not a good combo.
- it is not a good idea to make a right turn at 30mph if you do not know how to downshift.
- it is possible, with efficient planning, to always be on time.
- there are never enough pens and pads of paper.
- a clean car is a happy car. 

Thanks Dad for being you! I love you.

Now go and eat a cookie and have a big cup of coffee. It’s good for you.


  1. Your dad is way cool. I know you know, but I wanted you to know that others think so too.


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