Friday, June 11, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 73)

Hidee Ho Neighbors! Well, the week has just flown by and here we are again around the Quick Takes table. Remember to click on the picture above to zip, at the speed of a Washington politician spending my children’s future, over to Conversion Diary to read what everyone else has been doing.

Sometimes I just wonder about the Dewey Decimal system. It is strange and funky at the best of times. And, no, I don’t have a better suggestion. But explain to me why this book…
IMG_1929 “Pipe Organ Pumper” would be stuck in the middle of books on photography. And yes I did check the call letters on the book and they were in sequence with the rest of the books. No one mis-filed it. Can someone explain this this to me.

It has been keeping me up at night.

We went to a family wedding last weekend and HHBL and I were able to spend time with DaPoo (HHBL’s dad) and Linda (the step MiL) as well as the SiL and the nieces. I tell you, these nieces are a hoot.
img_1977 Notice the purple streak in the hair. It is actually a little faded. It was REALLY purple at TMO’s wedding.
img_1974 Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. But The Gymnast understands me and loves her crazy auntie anyways.
img_1975 img_1958 Sorry, that could have been a blog post all it’s own.

I am a creature of habit. Hard won habits. I don’t like to have to form new habits because they just don’t want to stick sometimes. As far as habits are concerned I am the “Teflon Deb”.

But one habit that I have worked hard to cultivate is my bedtime. Sort of sound like a two year old there but I need my bedtime like a two year old does. I get cranky thankyouverymuch if I don’t go to sleep by 10:30p or so. And in order to be able to do that I need to pretty much “turn it off” by 9p. That means that I don’t do any heavy reading after 9p. I don’t watch ANYTHING political after that time. I just veg. It helps the old cranium to slow down and get ready for slumber.

Well, Tuesday evening I decided that I needed to learn a new heel knitting technique for the current socks that I am working on. It couldn’t wait until morning. It had to be researched and learned right then. I worked on that heel until after 10p because I just had to get it done. And because I did that then when I did want to go to bed, I couldn’t turn my brain off. It didn’t help that I had the song “Your Love is My Drug” by Ke$ha running around in my head. I finally gave up, turned on the light and read until almost 2a.

Consequently I was toast on Wednesday. Swimming through jello all day. And I fell asleep before the overtime for the Black Hawks/Fliers game and missed the end.

Oh who am I kidding. I could care less about hockey.

We are doing the coolest thing at our church. As a church body, all who are willing, we are memorizing all of the New Testament. Now don’t get too excited. We aren’t all memorizing all of it. We each have our small portion. So that, if something happened and all the NT’s in the whole world were lost or destroyed we could resurrect it. Sort of like Ray Bradbury’s book Fahrenheit 451. Oh I love that book

I am Luke 24:1-5 in case you wanted to know. And no, I haven’t gotten it all memorized.

But I am working on it so I will be ready in case I am needed.

I have a new software to learn….oh I can hardly contain my excitement.

I now have Photoshop Elements and I am dazzled and my mind is spinning.

Now I can hear you asking, “Why didn’t you get Photoshop?”

Do you happen to have an extra $700 that I can use to buy that? If you do then I will get it. Otherwise, I am going to enjoy Elements which cost $79, has a $20 rebate attached and does the things that I want and need.

Or at least I think it does. Cuz I haven’t learned it yet and each time I open it I am almost paralyzed with fear at all the bells and whistles. I went and bought a book to help me but I know that it is really just getting in their and learning it.

Also on the photo front I am in the process of taking all my pictures off of my computer and moving them over to my relatively new backpack drive
I say relatively new because HHBL got it for me for my birthday….which was back in March…..and I let it sit in the box until last week. It sat there and stared at me and whispered to me that I needed to get it to work.

So now I am.

But sorting through and moving……20,000+ pictures takes some time.

Yes, I said 20,000+ pictures.

So I have Photographic Obesity. So sue me.

I will let you know how it all goes once I get it done. I am finding a number of pictures which are surely going to play a prominent role in the next installment of Pictures from the Crypt.

If you have a day where you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything do you take the time to just stay in your PJ’s?

I just can’t seem to do it. I have to take a shower and put on actual clothes. I just can’t function if I am wandering around in my pj’s all day. I so envy people (like my progeny) who can do that. I just feel incomplete. I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything and it frustrates me. And then I can’t sleep at night because I am all confused since I have been in my pj’s all day.

But oh how I wish that I could do it.


  1. I highly recommend Scott Kelby's books on Photoshop Elements. They are generally co-written with Matt Kowalski (I'm doing that name from memory but I believe that is correct). Anyway ~ the books are easy to understand and easy to follow...well worth the cost.

  2. LOLOLOL--I thought I was the only one who couldn't do jammie day. If I don't shower and get dressed I feel awful--now on the other hand if I am not going anywhere in the evening I can do jammie evening. Any time after 6 pm--even if it is light outside. I have done everything backwards all my life.

  3. #1--My theory is that whoever catalogued the pipe organ book wasn't paying attention that day.

    #4--Memorizing anything is a good exercise for the brain, and memorizing Scripture is also good food for the soul. But I'm having difficulty picturing a scenario where all copies of the New Testament vanish, yet all the group who have memorized it survive.
    I apologize if that sounds too negative. It's not the exercise itself, but the rationale behind it that puzzles me.

    #7--Another one here who can NOT do a "jammie day." HAVE to get cleaned up and dressed first thing in the morning.

  4. You are cracking me up with number one. My husband is a librarian and he can't even explain it to me.


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