Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Hummingbird Obsession Continues

I really like birds.

I just thought I would tell you that in case you might have missed this post and perhaps this one. Well, I don’t love the turkeys as I have told you before. But this time of year we don’t see them generally, we only hear them. They do then to hang around over at LookLeap’s house for some reason. Fine by me.
As we all know, because I talk about it ad infinitum (I love that phrase), HHBL and I are selling our domestic abode. Trying is the operative word because it seems that people don’t want to cooperate and I think that is just rude of them.

But I digress


One of the things that I had to stop doing when we put Chez Knit on the market was feeding the birds.
For some reason I hear Julie Andrews singing, “Feed the birds, tuppence a bag…”. Sorry, channeling my inner Mary Poppins there for a moment.

Birds make an unholy mess around the feeders. You would think that they could be a bit more organized and not throw the seeds and shells around everywhere. And that they wouldn’t be quite so greedy. But they are just perpetual teenagers with not a care in the world and someone else, ME, to clean up after them. The listing agent took one look a the feeders on the deck and said, “Their outtah here!” Well she didn’t really say that but she was thinking it.

I can live without feeding the birds I find. I thought that it was going to be more difficult than it has been to give up blowing off the deck every few days and scaring off the raccoons that come at night to raid the feeders and buying sunflower seeds but the gross weight. I have missed the cheerful little finches that strip the feeder in a day. And the Cardinals, who were so friendly, but now hang in the trees and throw birdy epithets at me because the seed train has left the station.

But the birds that I missed the most, that I mourned the loss of, that left a little teeny weeny bird-sized hole in my heart were the hummingbirds.

I was bereft at the thought that I couldn’t put out the feeders for them.

Hummingbirds are sort of an obsession with me. I don’t know what it is about them but I just love them. It really is a childhood thing, a hold over from summers vacationing in Colorado with the grandparents where the cottage that they rented seemed to have a wealth of them. And it is also because I just worked so darn hard to get them to come and hang around with me. I put out hummingbird feeders for two whole years before I got a single one to stop by. Two. Whole. Years. I am not usually one who exhibits that much patience let me assure you.

But then I said, “Hey! Donna’s not the boss of me! I can put out the hummingbird feeders if I want!” I said it very quietly so that Donna couldn’t hear me. And I very quietly put out the feeders……..
img_6739A And they are back!!!!

I apologize in advance at the quality of some of the pictures. If you look at the above picture you can actually see the rain that is falling. I have been looking for Noah and the Ark all morning long. And because I wanted to get pictures to show you my little hummy friends I have been sitting here in front of an open window, shivering uncontrollably, all because I want to have good pictures for you.

I am nice that way.

img_6743AYou know, I really do have a list of “to do’s” a mile long and still, here I sit, taking pictures of little tiny birds that sound like bees on steroids.
img_6762A  Can you see all the rain on the feeder??? It has been raining since last night.

Noah? Noah where are you?

img_6764A This female is very schedule oriented. She arrives every morning at about the same time, 6a, and then comes back periodically throughout the day. She also visits the feeder in the back. Really there are more than one hummingbird as we had a slight “hummingbird fracas” at the feeder the other day. They do not play well with others.

And so, I really should get going on that list of things to do. Things like clean out the refrigerator….

wash the kitchen floor…..

think of more ways to avoid eating Liver and onions (I have this one down!)

And yet here I sit hoping that the birds come back…..

And talking to you of course.


  1. I can't believe this ~ first the gardening clogs and now the song!! I sing the Mary Poppins "Feed The Birds" song a lot when I refill the feeders ~ much to the dismay of my youngest daughter because a) I sing it loudly and it's embarrassing when mom acts insane, and b) I can't sing. :)

    And I LOVE hummingbirds!! I tried to put out a feeder this year and the raccoons promptly destroyed it trying to get to the goodies inside. When I visit my dad in South Carolina, I will sit forever and watch them visit their feeders.

  2. Noah is at my place, looking quite young for his age too, I might add. No sign of the ark however.

    Love hummingbirds, I really need to put the feeder up, I might actually see some, don't you think?!

  3. We don't have feeders but I've been watching a lone hummer come to my coral bell blossoms, tiny as they are. Such a lovely creature!

  4. I am a huge birdlover myself...and when I moved to Spain, I left all my feeders, including my hummingbird feeder, in Massachusetts for the new owner. We were moving to an apartment and I didn't think I would be allowed to hang them. Good thing I did, cause not only would this have not been allowed, but I wouldn't have been able to fill them with anything if I had hung them up. People here do not feed birds, there isn't a feeder for sale, or a single seed to be found ANYWHERE. I find this astounding. Is bird feeding a strickly American pasttime? I bet so...we seem to have an over-abundance of everything. We have enough grain to feed half the planet, with plenty left over for our dogs, cats and all wild birds in North America.
    I miss it.
    By the way, if you sing really loudly the same song every time you fill the feeder, you will condition the birds to come when you sing.

  5. @Rural Revival - knowing where you live I would bet money on you attracting hummingbirds.

    @BarbeeAnne- Now that is a bummer that people don't feed the birds! And I had no idea that I could train the hummers to come when I put out the new juice. Interesting.


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