Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Picture Genealogy From the Crypt

Hold on to your genealogical seats. Parental Unit Mimi gave me a box of family photos when last I visited her.

I have been scanning.

You have been warned.

In 1874 Anna Elizabeth Blair, the daughter of this man,

Robert BlairRobert Blair of Blair’s Corners, PA,

Daniel Garis family

…… married Daniel Garis. This is Daniel and Anna with 7 of their 10 children. The third girl from the left would be Bertha…….

Garis sisters

This is Bertha (big white bow) with her sisters, Myra and Tillie.

In 1905 Donald Adolphus Amsler,
Donald Adolphus Amsler 1906

the son of……
Gustavus Adolphus Amsler

Gustavus Adolphus Amsler and Matilda Elizabeth Elss (for whom I have no picture)……

married Bertha Irene Garis

Bertha and Donald Adolphus had four children. There was Hilda Marie, there was Kenneth Alvin, there was Donald Wayne, and there was Eunice Fay (not born yet).

In 1936 Donald Wayne Amsler,

married Elizabeth Julia Mortenson,
who was the daughter of,
AD Mortenson portrait

Adele and Anneus Duabbus Mortenson. This would be AD, who did NOT like to be called by his full name for obvious reasons. He was named after two of his aunts, both named Anna.

Donald Wayne and Elizabeth Julia Mortenson Amsler had three children

There was Donald Stephen, there was Katherine and there was Sue. In this picture you can see Don, you can see Kathy and you…..cannot YET see Sue, if you get my meaning.

Please don’t make me explain it any further than that.

In 1959 Donald Stephen Amsler
DSA and Myrtle the car Aug 56

married Jean Marie Pringle,
image 22-4-2009

the daughter of these wild and crazy kids……

GLP and friends 1928

My grandfather, Glenn, is the one wearing the gingham pinafore. It might explain a lot about me……….

Donald Stephen and Jean Marie had two children……..scan0088Us and the pumpkin63scan0082

One of whom……….
Self Portrait 1

was me.


  1. So incredibly cool to have those pictures! Thank you for sharing them. I can sure see that you resemble different family members! :)

  2. You look so much like your mom!!! And you are beautiful!!!


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