Monday, July 1, 2013

The Lord Has A Sense of Humor

March of 2010, Chez Knit was accessorized and put up on the market for sale. We hoped. We prayed. We waited.

The Lord said not yet.

There wasn’t anyone that wanted to buy our house. I was disappointed but if I REALLY have to be truthful…..I wasn’t. I really wasn’t ready to go. I talked a good game. I knew that we really needed to downsize. But secretly I was not ready to go. I clung to my house.

And so we took our house back from Joyce the Stager and went on with our lives. 

We enjoyed the summers. We cursed the winters. I worked in the landscaping and the Community Garden. HHBL looked at houses on (he loves doing that). We continued to clean out what seemed like a lifetime worth of tidbits and big items.

The Lord continued to work on us.

We still needed to learn some things. We still needed to let go of things, specifically material things and what they meant in our lives. The Lord continued refine us. I am using the “royal we” here but you could just as easily put “I” in there because it certainly applied to me.

We waited. And prayed. And sought the Lord’s counsel.

And then last year we dipped our toes back into the house selling market. We fluffed. We buffed. Our hopes soared with each appointment and then came crashing down to earth when no one wanted to stay here and live here and love the house as much as we did. We continued to pray for the potential buyers that we knew the Lord was preparing for us…for some time. The year ticked by. Summer and holidays and winter came and went. The leaves turned lovely colors and fell onto the lawn and we had to spend endless hours blowing them into the woods. We had to pay for another year of snow plow contract. A whole year came and went. A year when sometimes, if I wasn’t paying attention, I would forget that there was a “For Sale” sign prominently displayed in our front yard for all to see. Oh there was a flurry of activity at the beginning of the selling process. And there was a flurry of activity at the end of the selling process. But the flurry at the end was really because our next door neighbor put her house up on the market and realtors like to combine visits if they can.

And as time ticked by HHBL and I continued to clean out. We continued to long for a simpler life style. A smaller and simpler house. We prayed for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance and PATIENCE (that was mine). I know it may come as a surprise to you but I am not always a patient person. We longed to go. I longed to go. I really did. As much as I love Chez Knit and as happy as I have been here I knew that it was time to go. Or at least I hoped that was so.

But the Lord continued to say wait and not yet.

Time ticked by and the wedding of Shoe Queen and Slim Jim came ever closer (AUGUST 9th!!!!!). And as the time ticked closer and closer I began to worry that if someone DID, somehow, someway come along and want to buy our house we might be looking at finding a new house, packing up and moving before the wedding. My poor feeble 53 year old brain (and body) didn’t think it could take the thought of having to look for a house before the wedding and pack and do all of that stuff. Lord you couldn’t POSSIBLY mean for us to do that when we had found just the right place for the wedding, so close to Chez Knit with a nice hotel conveniently located nearby that even had a relationship with the venue. And secretly in my heart of hearts I wanted to see Shoe Queen walk down the staircase at Chez Knit in her wedding finery. I lobbied. I quietly wheedled. I suggested.

And so we took Chez Knit off the market AGAIN and decided that this time we would stay for two, or possibly even three years. We even spent the money to have the riding mower fixed!

That was on May 6th.

And then last week, clear out of the blue, our realtor called and said that there was a couple who had found our house on the internet and their realtor wanted to know if they could come and view it. HHBL said he would ask me but he wasn’t all that confident that I would say yes. But I did. My thought was, what the heck why not. I made sure that the realtor knew that I wasn’t going to fluff and buff the house. In fact I wasn’t even going to leave the house when they came, I was scheduled to work at home that day. They could walk around and open doors to their hearts content and wander in the back yard amidst Max’s open air toilet and I would stay out of their way.

I had no hopes at all that they would ever be back.

I was wrong.

It may be…..

It might be…..

It could be possible……

That we have managed to sell Chez Knit without it even being on the market. Well actually, the Lord sold it. It could only be Him.

They offered. We countered. They countered the counter. We said yes.

Now we still have to get through the inspection process and there is always the possibility that the deal can get squirreled. And if that does happen I am fine with it, not because I want to stay here but because the Lord has given me an incredible sense of peace through out this turbulent period of time. If we go, great. If we stay, great. But as of right now………..

It looks like we are going to need to find a new place to live.

OH, and the whole “the Lord has a sense of humor” thing where I was SO totally worried about having to find a house and pack up and move before the wedding?

No problem!

We have to find a house and pack up and move…..a week AFTER the wedding.


A sense of humor.


  1. Oh my! And wow. How do you wrap your head around that one??? I'm glad you're so much at peace about the probable move because my heart dropped as I read this and I've never even been to your home. I just feel like I have after years of reading your stuff and looking at your photos.

  2. Oh, Debbie, this made me laugh. Having just moved last year in the middle of what was supposed to be my last semester of grad school, I hear you. It was the biggest pain in the butt, and we are so happy we did it. You will be, too.

  3. Blimey.... busy August for you by the sounds of it...

    I'm glad it has finally sold though.. and I'm sure you'll find somewhere amazing to live =)

  4. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Are you planning on staying in Aurora?

  5. So, a nice relaxing August is in store for you? ;) I'm helping (taking care of myriad details, packing, driving, setting up, worrying, etc.) my son move 1700 miles away in August, so I seriously admire and will try to emulate your sense of peace and sense of humor. Wishing you all the best in searching for a new place, wedding, packing, and moving!

  6. Many Congrats! I couldn't agree more that the Lord has a wicked sense of humor. That's what you get for asking for patience. Now you'll really have something to be patient about. Seriously, though, congratulations!


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