Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Schedule Harshes My Mellow

I know that there are many people who thrive on being always and constantly busy. Those who feel fulfilled when zooming from place to place and task to task. Every minute and second of every day filled.

I am not that person.

Oh don’t get me wrong on this, I have boatloads of things that I need/want/have to do on any given day. And occasionally I just sit and read a book. Or knit. Or experiment in the kitchen. Generally I get to about 4p and wonder where my day has gone. But I hate, hate, hate the feeling that I am under the gun and there are too many things to be accomplished and that all of them are time sensitive. That sort of frenetic pace just makes me jumpy and crabby.

And we REALLY don’t want me to be crabby.

It harshes my mellow. And I don’t like my mellow to be harshed in any way.

These next few weeks are certainly going to put a great crimp in my mellow.

In my schedule.

In my thought process.

And you know what else I don’t like about being so very busy?

It cuts into my blogging. How do people who are obviously super busy still find time to put out amazing content? It is Wednesday for the Love of Peter, Paul and Mary and here I am putting up some drivel. Gone are the days of my erudite thoughts on the world and gone are the days when I managed to do my 365 Project.

Let’s just call that project dead for the time being shall we and just all come to the agreement that I am a slacker at it for the moment. I am still photographing every day because I need to keep my sanity but they just aren’t getting up onto the blogosphere.


But sometimes life is just like that.

Oh, and there is one other thing……

We bought a house so now I actually have some place to move to. That helped my mellow a great deal. Well that and a good glass of beer that I am going to pour myself in about an hour.




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  1. Congratulations on the house buying! A good glass of beer, knowing you won't be homeless, and crossing a really big thing off the enormous, gigantic, overwhelming list are all good things on the road to a less-harshed mellow.


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