Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Noah Should Be Calling Soon

I like rain.

Really, I do…

But it is time for the rain to stop now.

I do not ever remember a July with this much rain. As I write the liquid sunshine is absolutely pouring down. Thunder and lightening are just an added benefit. I was going to try and take a picture to show you….

But I am not going to even think about opening a door or a window. Nope.

It is at moments like this when I am very, very glad that the current Chez Knit sits up in one of the highest parts of the town. And that the stream that is normally mostly dry is WAY down at the bottom of a 25 foot drop.

Oh yes, and right now……

We evidently have a tornado warning.

Fortunately I have a bunch of stuff to do in the basement.

And that is where I am heading right now.


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