Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Life is Always An Adventure at Chez Knit.

Today I am doing all that I can to fill up my time and my mind so that I don’t have to think about the fact that 18 days from now I will be moving Chez Knit to a new location…..

And there is still some question as to where that new location will be.

Yes, you heard me right, there is still some question as to where our location will be.

I had fully intended to do a long post with pictures of the new place. HHBL and I spent 3.5 hours there on Saturday while Paddy the inspector did his inspection thing. Three+ hours that I could take pictures, measure and think to my hearts content.

Three+ hours in a house where the A/C unit is not functioning. Not at all. No sirree. It was hovering in the upper 80’s in that town house. I had sweat in places that I didn’t know COULD sweat. And we couldn’t open the windows because Paddy had the radon test already started. So we just had to walk and talk and photograph and measure in heat. And think about where we were going to put furniture. And talk to Paddy about a number of things that were a bit concerning but could be fixed.

And there in lies what might be a problem. The things that must be fixed by the seller. Cuz there are several.

The A/C unit must be repaired or replaced. Yikes.

The house failed it’s radon test so that needs to be taken care of. Chaching!

One of the sky lights in the kitchen is leaking and they all need to be re-caulked. I saw a picture of the caulking job that was done within the last year…messy to say the least.

There are carpenter ants.

And there are some electrical issues that need to be fixed as a safety measure.

We picked our battles and didn’t even mention some of the little stuff.

So I think I will hold off on showing you the new place for a bit longer just to be on the safe side.

Life is always an adventure!!



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  2. Sending you some good repair thoughts. We had a very similar situation recently and it worked out amicably with most of the big stuff fixed by the sellers; now we just have to fix a long list of small stuff ourselves. Here's hoping your life is an interesting adventure, made much easier by a seller who does the right thing.


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