Monday, July 23, 2012

Pictures From The Crypt

You thought I had forgotten these little gems hadn’t you.

You thought that you were safe.

You were wrong.

I am currently spending at least 30 minutes a day scanning pictures. After seeing some of the devastation caused by the wild fires in Colorado and all the homes that are lost I feel I need to get as many photos as possible backed up “into the cloud”.

Hence I am looking at lots of old photos.

Family photo '94

Can you say Awkward Family Photo? And what I REALLY want to know is did Sears Photography not know about the ability to crop a photo. What is with half the picture being taken up with background.


Explain to me why I have that very odd bow like thing tied around my neck? The really funny thing is that my hair looks almost the same today…..only with the fabulous gray streak.

Marybeth Reeves and I

I might have posted this one before. But it bears re-posting only so that you can call your children over to the computer and remind them NEVER to dress like a bunny.

And by the way, the shoes that I am wearing……


I still own them.

Hoarder? Whose a hoarder? Not me.

Nothing to see here. Move along.


I wish I knew why I had eyebrows and a moustache made out of paper attached to my face.

Maybe I don’t want to know.


I just do not know what to say other than to ask what was I possibly thinking when I did my bangs that way.

And why did I have bangs in the first place.


OK, this is one of the pictures I actually love. A lot. Shoe Queen was about 6 weeks old at this point. We spent a lot of time sitting on the couch and reading.

Top-303(rev 1)

Sure they have cowgirls in Ohio. Both of these “horses” had names but I cannot for the life of me remember. And the progeny used them until they fell apart.

1991 March bdays 1A

Hmmmmm, the wearing of false moustaches seems to be hereditary.



And about 20 extra pounds.

And WHAT is with that sweater???


I don’t know who this is but I don’t think I would want to mess with her.


And so we come to the end of another episode of Pictures From The Crypt. I will leave you with a burning question.

What ever possessed me to wear a pink, polyester skirt. And WHAT is that shirt all about.

The mind boggles.


  1. Funny thing; many of these photos are the way I think you look because that's all I remember. You don't wear pink polyester skirts anymore?

  2. What's REALLY sad is that I remember the names of those horses: Pentecost and Buster. You can guess which one was mine :B.

    1. Pentecost and Buster! I knew you would remember.

  3. I know that last picture. - Mystery Cousin

    1. I believe you are a babe in arms there cousin.

  4. Great Pictures! My favorite is the one with the big bow around your neck. I had lots of those. It is so 1985.


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