Monday, July 16, 2012

Carrots? Or Abstract Works of Art.

Some gardeners are able to grow beautiful, long, lovely carrots. Carrots that look like, well, like carrots.

LaurenLeap and I are not those gardeners.

LL had planted carrots early in the season. We watered. We waited. The carrots germinated and sent up those lovely frondy carrot tops.

And then the temperature shot up and everything went to seed. Don’t get me wrong, the flowers that carrots produce are very pretty. They have a Queen Anne’s Lace quality to them which makes sense because they are in the same family.



But when they start to flower then the carrot itself is kaput! Done for. Toasted. Finally on Saturday morning LL and I got around to cutting off all the carrot flowers (which make for lovely flower arrangements) and pulling up all the carrots that were in the bed.

These things do not look like regular carrots.


They went thataway!


Look! It is the Little Dutch Boy’s pants!


Carrot Squid


Where did this round one come from?


This was the most normal one of the bunch!


Tree Beard!!


Even with veggies I cannot seem to get away from  phallically shaped items. Why me?


Here they are resting comfortably with their garden neighbors, the beets.

And just in case you are wondering. I am still going to cook these carrots just to see if they are any good. I don’t have any illusions that they are but I still have to try.

We aren’t ready to give up on carrots just yet but I think we are going to try something a bit different, baby round carrots I think. I just hate to have to give up.


I am taking a couple of days off, Tuesday-Thursday to be exact, so that I can spend some time with the in-laws who are visiting. But never fear, I will be back on Friday with your usual dose of blather. And who knows, I might not be able to help myself and I may blog.

Or not.


  1. Hmm. It appears Mother Nature's having quite a chuckle and the expense of your and LookLeap's carrots.

  2. On top of really liking your carrots... I've nominated you for the Lieber Blog Award. To see what that means go on over to my blog and check out my post titled "Lieber Blog Award". Tag, you're it.


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