Thursday, May 10, 2012

This Is All I Got

Today was a day full of sunshine.

Full of soft wind in the trees and the smell of grass and the sounds of summer.

This was a day filled with mulch. Or at least 4.5 hours of it was. And I am pooped.

I am done in.

I am sitting in a chair and may never get out of it again.

But the mulch is done. Finished. Spread. Conquered.

I mulch no more!!

And so the only thing I have for you are some pictures. Just a few that have come in from Papa's ongoing slide scan project.

I apologize in advance. Hide the children. Pull the shades.

This is another in my "Big Red" series. We will call this one "Big Red and the Footed PJs". No hair, demented grin.

Oh and the oriental rug that Big Red is sitting on? That currently resides here at Chez Knit. And yes there is a story attached to it. You are surprised at this?

Caught in the act of raiding the cupboard! Obviously going for the nutritional oatmeal.

I am so sorry for subjecting you to this display of tights covered diaper. And sagging, wrinkly tights to boot which just adds insult to injury.

An exhibitionist even at an early age. I have no shame.


  1. *must*not*make*joke*about*antique*cans*

    1. Sorry cousin, that wasn't supposed to be "Anonymous".


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