Friday, May 18, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol 165)


It’s HERE! It’s HERE! My latest installment of 7 Quick Takes. Oh the excitement. Oh the blather. You know the deal. When you are done OOOOOing and Ahhhhing over me incredibly boring life then you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of the horses racing in the Preakness tomorrow, over to Conversion Diary.

Keep Calm and Blather On.

Don’t you just hate it when you send off a self-righteous, why isn’t this working, fix it and why didn’t I get my latest Smithsonian Magazine kind of email…..

And then find that you have forgotten to pay the renewal just about the time the Customer Service center send back an email telling you just that very thing.


Not that I would KNOW anything about that mind you.

Nothing here. Move along.

I have another edition of “Deb’s Stupid Household Mistakes” to go along with the mirth of the electrician, the garage heater, the washing machine repair man. The list is endless.

So yesterday I mentioned that we have some handymen here to do some touch up things before we put Chez Knit back on the market. And one of the things on Mike’s “punch list” was to figure out why the light fixture in the stairway that goes from the basement to the garage isn’t working. And hoping against hope that it wasn’t something like a short or something else that would require getting an electrician in there.

So Mike is up on the ladder in a manner that made me really nervous and checking our homeowners insurance. He is up there for a bit and then comes to find me to ask me for a light bulb.

He goes back up and screws in the light bulb and VOILA! Let there be light.

Ruh roh.

Uh Mike? Can you tell me what was wrong? (please let it me something complicated that he has never seen before and that I didn’t do).

Oh yeah Mrs. Q (said in his slightly Amish accented voice), the light bulbs weren’t properly screwed into the sockets and one of the bulbs was burned out.

Please kill me now.

On Saturday I hear HHBL calling me from the deck. He is standing there eagerly gesturing to me to come outside so that he can show me something.

Something good??

Not really.



Yes, I know it is just a Garter Snake. Garter Snakes are good. They eat things.

And there aren’t any poisonous snakes in my part of the Frozen Northeast Ohio. I know this because I called the game warden one time and asked…..just to be sure.

But it is still a snake. And I know exactly where it is living. In the concrete cover that is over the septic tank bubbler motor.


I am sure I will do a longer Community Garden update soon, when things start to get a bit busier out there. LaurenLeap and I spent some time in the beds yesterday. There is so much to do!

We have been a bit slow in getting the last of the winter wheat cut back and tilled in. If we let it go any longer we would have been harvesting wheat to grind for flour! But it is all cut back now thanks to LaurenLeap’s weed wacker!

Look closely at the picture. Not everything in there is clumps of dirt. Those four, neatly arranged eggs belong to a Killdeer who has made her nest right in the midst of someone’s plot.

And boy was she unhappy that I got close enough to take pictures. She was calling shrilly and fluttering around as if she had a broken wing. I was quick but she glared at me with her little birdie eyes as I left. LaurenLeap and I are hoping that the babies hatch out before whoever has leased the plot decides that they are ready to plant. The plots all around this particular patch of earth have been planted so it is just a matter of time.

I am going to complain for one second.

Mike the handyman is in the process of re-caulking our shower. That means that we cannot use said shower for the next few days.

That means that I have to walk down the hall and use the shower in Cartoon Girl’s old room.

I do not like this. It is not my shower. It feels strange and odd.

I am done now.

HHBL’s baseball season is in full swing.

YEAH!!!! Well, yeah except that sometimes I have to do the “official” scoring for the game and even though I am a good baseball “scorer” I still tend to give people hits when they didn’t earn them or errors when they aren’t warranted. But I am getting better and I am learning to just ask. But I am going to have to do some more intensive baseball rules education I am thinking

But I digress.

The start of baseball season means that there might be future posts involving pictures of

Fathers and sons at baseball games. Or Fathers and daughters if the occasion arises.


Man’s best friend waiting patiently for his favorite person to come off of the field.


Men in baseball uniforms. Yum.

Today is…….

My 27th wedding anniversary.

Yes, 27 years ago today HHBL and I embarked on this crazy ride that is called marriage. I was going to write an entire epistle on it but I really like what I wrote for our 25th anniversary so I am actually going to direct you over there.

But I do want to say.



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  1. My rule regarding snakes: they do not belong in the same zip code as I am currently inhabiting. I don't care if they are part of the food chain -- they don't belong there. Yes, they keep the mouse population down. So do cats and mine do a GREAT job.


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