Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Strangely Disjointed Train of Thought

We have a handy man ( and his minions) here for a few days to get some things done around Chez Knit. A couple of more “major” tasks and a whole boat load of smaller painting things.

Yes, I could do a bunch of the painting myself. I have done all those tasks before. I have painted walls and scrapped siding and painted shutters and re-caulked various things. But I am not doing that this time. I am a WHOLE lot older than the last time and personally, I don’t want to die falling off a ladder as I try to paint the shutters. A better use of my time is out taking pictures of people’s fabulous kitchens.

Why are we doing these things? Other than the fact that the shutters at Chez Knit have faded from Forest Green to a dusty pale greenish color and the shed doors are dissolving with each rain and there is a leak in the shed roof and our shower needs, VERY BADLY, to be re-caulked and resealed?

We are putting the house back on the market.

Oh I hate selling a house. Such upheaval and disturbance. Such angst as people I don’t know walk through my house and pronounce it “Not exactly what we were looking for”. A woman’s house is a reflection of herself. Talk my house down and you cut me to the quick. You flay me. I question my existence and all that I do with my day.


Not really. But you do make me feel bad and angsty for a bit.

But this time there will be no Joyce and Her Amazing Technicolor House Staging. NONONONONO! No fake trees. No strange artwork. No elaborate table settings that I am frightened of moving even one inch to dust because I won’t ever get it back to the correct level of “just rightness”. No odd handbag lamps with feathers that I have to put on the counter in the bathroom (NO JOKE on that one). It is our house with our furniture in place and my photos on the wall.


But the thing is. When I have workmen at the house I am all,


So strange. So odd.

My house is clean and organized. I just dusted yesterday. I actually vacuumed yesterday as well. And yet I got out the vacuum again so that I could look like I was cleaning……something.

And I did the dishes in the sink much earlier than I might have gotten to them because, well, they were there and the guys might notice that they were there.

And I really had to stop myself from cleaning and re-caulking the bathroom shower yesterday so that Mike wouldn’t see how bad it really is….even though he had to look at it last week so that he could correctly quote for the job. Good thing that HHBL dealt with that because I would have spent the time trying to explain to him why it looks so bad.

And as I was sitting at my computer this morning having a FB chat with one of HHBL’s cousins I thought,

OH MY GOSH! They are working right outside of my office window and they can see that I am on FB and they will think that I am a slacker. Maybe I should edit some photos so they think I am actually working.

And then I sat down to do some reading, which I do every day because, you know, I am a reader. And just about the time I put my patookis into Big Red’s leather depths Mike (the main man) walked back into the house to go and work in the shower in our bathroom and I just wanted to jump up and say,

Mike I really don’t sit down and indulge in this very often. Honest! I will just be five minutes and then I will get back to the whirlwind of activity that I usually am. Don’t think badly of me. Don’t judge me!

I am pathetic.

Maybe I will go and rearrange something in the basement.


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