Monday, February 22, 2010

Ode to the Hot Flash

Ode To The Hot Flash
By Debbie Quigg

I sing the song of Hot Flash
the heat that no one wins
at first you’re fine
and then you’re not
you're lit up from within.

I sing the song of menopause
the ode that’s salty sweet
that fills you up
and pours you out
with overwhelming heat.

I sing the song of hot flash
that menopausal ode.
It’s winter and the North wind blows
YOU never will be cold

And when in slumber you doth rest
all tucked up in your bed.
Don’t get comfy dreaming dreams
for hot flash is ahead.

You may be dreaming lovely thoughts
of food or climbing mountains
when out your pores
there springs to life
an overflowing fountain

You inner fire is stoked and high
you throw off all your covers
and shake your fist in flaming rage
and wish this on some others.

Oh why? you ask yourself with ire
must this scourge come my way.
What have I done to earn this heat
this drenching sweat bidet (sorry I was having trouble rhyming)

Oh uterus I miss you not
you were so big and broken
but hot flash you are just as bad
I think I’ll have some bourbon.

Thank you for attending our poetry reading. We will now return you to your regularly scheduled blatherings by Debbie.


  1. So funny! My son showed me a t-shirt online that he wants to get for me. It says "My mom is still hot. It just comes in flashes now."

  2. Can we say you've found your calling? Do quit your day job!

  3. Ha! I'm sending this to my menopausal mom. She'll appreciate it even more than I have. And that's a considerable amount :)

  4. Hot flashes are the devils work, I tell you. I was lucky enough to start them during chemo at the ripe old age of 27 and it appears that I will have them forever. FOREVER!

  5. You are making me laugh. That's one nearing forty thing I haven't had to deal with yet. Thank God.

  6. Haha! This was highly entertaining! Poor you! (And poor Dandy!)


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