Friday, February 26, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 59)


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I am in love with sticky notes. I cannot help it. I love them, love them, love them.

I need help

Even though I have enough stickies to last the rest of my life I still look at them longingly when I go into Wally Mart or the grocery store or the dollar store or anywhere that they might be purchased. You never know if you might find some new form or color……..

AND I also have a program that puts “stickies” on my desk top electronically. The program is free and can be found here. It is marvelous. I love it. I have stickies all over my desk top. I cannot stop.

Help me.

I have been in Florida for most of the week. To get there we had to fly. It just isn’t as much fun to fly as it used to be. Maybe because I am a more frequent flier and I have to deal with all the pain in the butt things that we have to go through. I am an impatient flier I am sorry to say. I want the plane to board quickly and efficiently and that just doesn’t usually happen, especially with so many people who are novice fliers. You can see them coming with their oversized and over stuffed bags that they attempt to jam into the overhead bins. And then they stand in the aisle and get themselves ready to sit down all the while holding up the rest of the passengers. Sorry for the rant. I will now put on my big girl panties and deal with it.

Do you know what we have been doing in Florida? We were visiting family and eating. Oh yes we have been eating. The day we arrived we went to the Rod & Gun Club and I had this:

IMG_5128 This is a fried grouper sandwich. It is delicious. Doesn’t it look delicious. I mean that piece of fish hung over the edge of the bun and was perfectly flaky and yummy.
IMG_5131It was a hardship but I managed finish is all. My mommy (who was sitting next to me and finished her sandwich too) always told me that I had to finish what I took. I do what my mother tells me.

And then, later in the week we had this. Do you know what this is?

IMG_5138A These are catfish fillets. Deep fried catfish fillets which is really the only way to have them, at least I think so. And they were accompanied by hushpuppies. If you haven’t had a hushpuppy then you certainly haven’t spent any time in the South. The meal came with white beans, corn pudding, mashed potatoes, white gravy, brown gravy and collard greens all served family style. I had a bit of all of those except the greens. Anything that requires that you put vinegar on it to make it eatable is something that I try to avoid. Greens and liver are probably evil cousins.

I wish I could tell you that the eating was done and that we went back and had small salads and dry toast. But if I told you that then I would be lying, lying, lying. Because we also had this as we people watched in Naples.IMG_5141 Oh this was really good ice cream. It was sort of their version of Moose Tracks which is my favorite.

I just couldn’t help myself. There was no one there to stop me. The waitress made me order it.

IMG_5146A Key Lime Pie, which happens to be just about my favorite pie in whole wide world, except for my Grandma Pringle’s apple pie. And this was REALLY good Key Lime Pie. I know my pie and this was good.

And then, finally, even though I wondered if it would ever happen. I was…………
IMG_5143A At least until the next time the waitress comes by and tells me that they have Key Lime Pie.


  1. Ok, just looking at the pictures made my insulin go up! lol

  2. I'm totally with you on the key lime pie! And the sticky notes. Not too long ago I remember seeing a sticky notes commercial with smaller stickies that are sticky all over the back (not just the top edge). The lady in the commercial was dancing and organizing, and I told hubby that if I had some of those I'd be dancing around too. Haven't been able to find them yet.

  3. Key Lime Pie. My absolute favorite pie of all time.

  4. Moose Tracks is my favorite too. And the fish looks AMAZING!

  5. Thanks for the posty note link!

    And concerning #3-6...yum, yum, yum, yum! I love fish! And I love desert! The only problem...all that eating out messes with my fact I think I'm having a flare just looking at the pictures! LOL.

    Thanks for the post.

  6. I don't really like fish. But something about this pregnancy is making me think that frozen fish sticks and tartar sauce is a good idea.

    I LOVE hush puppies!

  7. Can I come on your next vacation with you? Please??

  8. Hi I wondered over here from Conversion Diary. Thanks for the sticky note link--my husband is going to be driven Insane!

  9. Just stopping by for the first time, by way of Conversion Diary, and wanted to say I too love those sticky notes. Actually, the office supply section in general at a store like WalMart is one of my favorite places to shop. My husband and I have even been known to spend part of a date night at Staples...Ahh, office supplies, how I love thee!


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