Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Farmer’s Markets Make Me Happy

Oh how I love farmer’s markets. I don’t know what it is but I just love them. There are good farmer’s markets and there are mediocre ones (which just make me sad). Ever been to the one in San Francisco that happens on Saturdays? Now that one is awesome.

Because I don’t have anything else to do today (yeah right), I thought I would give you a glimpse of the market that we went to in Lima. The in-laws frequent this one. I can’t possibly tell you how to get there so if you are going to Lima….you are out of luck. But just enjoy the memories with me.

IMG_1800This really wasn’t a very big market, just one block long. But it was colorful and really, really busy. I refrained from taking a picture of the police officers, dressed in military garb and toting rifles. I assume they were guarding the market. I don’t want to know what from. I just wanted to enjoy the experience thank you very much.

IMG_1801 What’s in these you might ask. You did want to know right? Well, actually in them were little fires because on them were being made little things that you could buy to munch on or take home for later. I have a picture of the food around here somewhere I know. What I didn’t take a picture of was the fellow that was selling home produced apple juice, and was giving out free samples. All the others, the chickens, who were with me declined to try it but I said, “Oh what the heck, why not!” I wasn’t bad actually. I was a tad concerned when he ladled it out from a crock beside him. But it was OK, a bit bland but OK.

IMG_1803 BREAD! Yum, I love bread and never met an artisan loaf that I didn’t like. These were no exception.

IMG_1806 The usual unrefrigerated eggs. Never fear, I am sure that they are OK. I long ago learned in my travels that eggs keep quite well for week unrefrigerated, IF they have not been refrigerated before. Once you refrigerate them they need to stay that way. Don’t you just love the look of brown eggs. Some much better than boring white ones.

IMG_1808 Messing with Mom’s cell phone it looked like to me. He was in total concentration mode.

IMG_1809 Oh mommy, you do know what this was. It was lovely, stinky goat cheese. It looked like they had sort of thrown it on the ground and rolled it around in the dirt. But let me tell you that this stuff was delicious. We bought some and used it later in the week to stuff figs that we bought by the side of the road. Oh yum.

IMG_1812 Everyone had different baskets and carts to hold the stuff that they were purchasing. This guy just happened to be employing his dog to pull the cart. I wonder if Max would be willing to pull something like this?

IMG_1813 A picture just can’t fully tell you how good this produce looked. The avacados on the left were just wonderful. And you should have seen some of the tomatoes. Oh my!

IMG_1819 And then, as we were leaving, we bought some goodies to take back home for lunch. These little lovelies were sort of a calzone like thing. Only they were full of veggies like peppers, onions and eggplant. Also there was some local cheese in there as well. Ella and I split one because they were gigantinormous. And oh were they good.

Tomorrow it is on to grocery shopping in Lima.

Did I mention that I love grocery stores?


  1. Everything looked so gorgeous--oh that bread!! Yum! The fruits and vegetables looked so bright and delicious. How fun to have bananas at a farmer's market. That's something we'd never have here! Thought the little baskets the eggs were in were so cute!

  2. Max phoned me and said, "I will not be a cart-dog." That picture was precious.

    I did not know you could leave eggs unrefrigerated if they came to you that way. Learn something new everyday.

  3. I don't know Manda, Max might be persuaded to be a cart dog. But he would give me that "Oh why are you doing this to me" look all the way through if I did.


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