Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Max’s Favorite Time of Year

The dog lives for winter. He craves it. He thinks that it was invented especially for him so that he can run around like an idiot and make tracks in the snow and eat the snow.

With regards to his eating of snow…he doesn’t seem to discriminate between newly fallen and yellow. Just thought that you would want to know. Wherever he happens to stick his head in for a bit of snow is fine with him it would seem.

IMG_5087AIf you can believe it, we have had several days of warmer weather, relatively speaking. At one point the snow in the yard was almost to the level of his back. He would leap through the yard like a gazelle.

IMG_5090AThis is what Max lives for. All he wants is for you to go outside with him and throw snowballs at him. The bigger the better. And if you can actually hit him in the face with one then he will be your friend for life.

IMG_5082A   IMG_5108AOh yeah, that should be a big enough snowball. The bigger the better is Max’s motto.

IMG_5112AIf only I could be as enthusiastic about cleaning my house as Max is about having snow thown in his face.

 IMG_5118A The Alpha Male has called me and I must run to her as fast as I can. Perhaps she will throw snowballs at me as well.

Oh joy

Oh rapture


  1. I miss having a "Max" in our house. So I enjoyed the snowball fight vicariously. lol

  2. Max seems to have you trained well! lol

  3. Too cute! Even though I am SICK of snow and anything that looks like it! (I don't know what else that would be, but oh well...)

  4. Oh my goodness, Max is so funny! The whole photo shoot was so endearing--don't dogs just have the life?


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