Saturday, December 27, 2008

Personal Injury Lawyers

Let me just say right off the bat that personal injury attorney's are really the lowest form of life that I can think of. Yuck! I just don't know how they stand themselves. M. that wasn't meant for you because you are not a personal injury attorney anymore. I just thought I needed to clarify that point.

I should probably tell you that my daughter had a slight fender bender a couple of weeks ago. It was not her fault, the other fellow was given a ticket. He has insurance which will pay for the repairs to the car, no one was injured. Some slight damage to the side view mirror that I have temporarily fixed with duct tape (my grandpa would be so proud). Incident finished until the car goes in for repair. Or so we thought....

Starting about a week after the accident we began to get letters from local law firms. When I saw the first letter I was like, "well what would a lawyer want with us or our daughter?" You always open a letter from a lawyer with fear and trepidation.

The intent became crystal clear when I read the letter and came across phrases like this, "you will likely have to deal with a variety of unfamiliar things as a result of this accident.....perhaps you are also wondering how you will be compensated for present and future medical expenses and lost wages.....we can help you through this unpleasant and uncertain time...." Oh PUHLEEEEEEZE. I don't think so. I figured that some sleezy lawyer had spent some time looking at the local police reports and that would be the end of it. I was wrong.....

We are currently getting a letter a day from these kinds of shysters. They all start with the same sort of phrase, expressing their sympathies for any injuries that our child might have suffered in her recent accident. Sympathies my big fat patootie. I bet they salivate thinking that there might be injuries. After expressing sympathy they let us know that they are the best law firm in the area at representing injured parties, that they have all the services that we need and that they will do the best job for us. That is always followed by a paragraph telling us in no uncertain terms that we must not talk to any other law firm until we have talked to them first and that under NO circumstances are we to talk to any insurance representative without "knowing our rights". Can I throw up now.

Thank goodness we have an unlisted phone number because I am sure that if we didn't they would be calling as well as sending us letters. Come to think of it, I would LOVE to express what I think about their ambulance chasing ways. So, ambulance chasing lawyers (this doesn't apply to most lawyers) just know that if you do call here looking to talk to my daughter or her parents you are going to get an earful. This kind of work just makes it harder for those who really do need help to be viewed with any legitimacy. You are one of the reasons that the profession of law is looked down on with such virulent hatred by some. Well, you and Nancy Grace on CNN with her endless coverage of the Caylee Anthony case.

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  1. Plaintiff's lawyers are a major reason why health care costs are spiraling out of control. To quote from the editorial section of Monday's USA Today . . . "The threat of being sued is pervasive, and doctors simply don't trust the legal system. One in seven obstetricians/gynecologists have stopped delivering babies, and three-quarters have been sued at least once. Years of staggering malpractice premium increases have forced many to alter their practices or quit treating patients entirely. These defensive actions carry a cost beyond money. Many small communities end up with little or no access to top-level care. Patients exposed to unnecessary imaging tests face the risk of radiation exposure and allergic reactions. Many surgical procedures, such as cesarean sections and breast biopsies, have increased because of doctor's fears of being sued. The liability system is too often a lottery. Excessive compensation is awarded to some patients and little or none to others. As much as 60% of awards are spent on attorneys, expert witnesses and administrative expenses. Change obviously is needed - and aggressively resisted by trial lawyers." As a retired OB/GYN . . . I couldn't agree more.


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