Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ertha Kitt

Eartha Kitt died this week. You may be going, "Who?" or perhaps, "Who cares?" Well cut that out because I cared. Well, I cared in a sort of wow, something from my childhood way but I still care.

I was a dedicated fan of the TV show "Batman" when I was growing up. I watched as often as I could. Who wouldn't love looking at Batman and Robin in those awesome outfits with the tights. But of course, those of us who were fans watched the show as much for the weekly guests as for the crime fighting duo. we all had our favorites. There was Cesar Romero as "The Joker", Burgess Meredith as "The Penguin", Frank Gorshin/John Astin as "The Riddler" (I prefer Frank Gorshin myself), Vincent Price as "Egghead" and so many more. You can go here to get the full list.

But my personal favorite villainess was Catwoman. Oh I loved Catwoman and I waited eagarly each week to see if she would be on. Obviously this was long before the internet where you can now see the whole schedule for the entire season and who might be guest starring. Then it was the weekly wait on pins and needles for who the villain would be. The first two or three years Catwoman was played by Julie Newmar who I loved. BUT, then there came Eartha Kitt. Oh I loved her Catwoman. She was so slinky and catty and lovely.

I still love to watch the occasional episode of "Batman" on Youtube. Obviously I see it with older eyes. I see the total campiness of the acting, I see the tons of sexual innuendo that I totally missed as a kid. But I also laugh a ton and that is what it is all about in the end.

Here for your enjoyment is a small segment from "Batman" just to give you a flavor of Eartha Kitt. I should also mention that Eartha Kitt recorded one of my favorite Christmas songs, "Santa Baby".


  1. Sock . . . Pow . . .Boing . . . Whap . . . Oooooof . . . Holy Cow, it's Batman again.

  2. Oh my word--when did those costumes get so ridiculous??!! And those skimpy speedo looking things that Batman and Robin wore--SERIOUSLY. Yup, we missed all the details as kiddos :)


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