Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy 22nd Birthday Ashley!

Today is my oldest daughter Ashley's 22nd birthday. How can that be??? Where did all the time go since she made her debut in this world. Her eyes were open and she was babbling right from the first. We should have known what was coming.
Not so long ago it seems she was this age, which I think was about a year and a half. There she was gleefully picking the heads off my Spring flowers (when we could actually get her to GO in the grass that is).
She has always had that quirky kind of humor that says, "Hey, I think I would look good in that Mr. Potato Head moustache!" Or, "Hey, I think I will have my head shaved, I know that is going to be fun!" (no picture of THAT incident is going to be posted here). She is our resident "movie person" who has an opinion on most every movie. The Lord of the Rings years were interesting to say the least. She is my old movie buddy, Turner Classic Movies is our friend.
Ashley is my Prairie Home Companion buddy who never misses a performance with me when they come to Blossom Music Center. This years performance was a tad wet, can you say thunderstorms, pouring rain, lightning and tornado watches. It was a blast!
Ash is an incredibly talented artist who will soon be the possessor of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cartooning. Who knew you could get a BFA in Cartooning. Be that as it may, she is and has always been a wonderful artist. The above picture was finished just recently and is her sister Meg and Meg's boyfriend Josh as Superheros. I love this picture. You can see some of her other artwork here. I don't know where she got the talent cuz it sure didn't come from her father or I. We can't manage to draw stick figures.

Happy Birthday Ashley. May you have a great day in class and working at the world's best comic book store. Splurge and have something from Jamba Juice and enjoy your DVD's of Ken Burn's Civil War. We are so proud of you, your talent, your sense of humor, your commitment to your craft, your trying to be a great big sister (stop laughing Meg and Beth!) and all the things that make you special (not special ed). Have a great day my Ashley Mashley. I love you. See you soon.


  1. Thank you, Mom! That made my day. I wish that I could take the day off to do fun stuff, but alas, life marches on and I still have to go to class and then to work. Maybe I'll buy myself a slice of cheesecake or something.

    Haha I'm glad that you like the picture of Josh and Meg as superheroes. It turned out better than I thought it would.

    Love you, Mom!!

  2. Awe, how sweet! Look like you have a very talented daughter.

  3. Ashley - I love you! Great having you home for the holidays.



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